Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a long way to go

I may be in the minority here, but I want a little snow. If it is going to be winter (and it will be official as of tomorrow) I want to see some dusting of white powdery stuff. Not a storm. And no ice or slush. And I don't want it to last for months. But, snow does brighten up the landscape during these long dark hours until the winter solstice.

I am not willing to go to such great extremes to find it, though this is neat to see from the warmth of my living room.


  1. Hope you get your snow but who knows with global warming.... but thanks for sharing these great images of Mars.

  2. It's true that the sparkle of the Christmas lights would like a lot more festive against a background of snow. It's also true that when family and friends arrive on a green Christmas there is no snow tracked in to mess up the house. So, you know, 50/50 here as far as wanting snow for Christmas goes.
    Great shots of Mars. So strange to our eyes.

  3. LGS: so far it just look like rain and more rain is on the way.

    Delores: I understand. though this year there may be mud tracked in!

  4. I think we will have mud tracked in because we're expecting rain and nothing but, though it may let up on Christmas day. We may have a watery kind of sunshine, but definitely no snow. I don't mind. We had enough of that last year. I prayed for no snow this time around. XOX

  5. Because Texas had their first in like, EVER white Christmas two years ago, and we've been having cold weather and some precipitation, that's all they talk about on the weather these days. The odds of it happening again must be miniscule.

  6. Very Good!
    I wish you a Merry Christmas

  7. Nora: I'm glad you got your wish. at the moment, in the middle of the nigh,t it is 8 celcius!!

    Geewits: keep wishing...!

    BlueShell: thanks for visiting

  8. ooooh!! Just watched the video. I'm a huge astronomy buff and that was great!

  9. Geewits: I think it is the coolest thing.
    and look, not a footstep in sight ;)

  10. Well, I do NOT want snow, thanks. You may have it all.

    Wonderful film. Happy Christmas!

  11. White Christmasses are lovely - so long as it stays outside!

    And last year, when we did have one, we nearly couldn't go to my daughter's for Christmas Day, it was so icy!

    Just a light dusting would be fine!


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