Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Stamps

Once again we could choose whatever theme we wanted, and with this absolutely wonderful spring-like weather we have been having these last few days, I have spent much time outdoors listening to the lovely sound of the birds that have returned.
We don't have the spring blossoms that are included in this stamp from China, but at this rate it won't be long.....

alcedo atthis or as they say in Austria, an Eisvogel 
with another Kingfisher from Hong Kong and a Collard Scops Owl as a bonus
this stamp celebrates 100 years of the Vogelschutzwart Seebach a bird observatory in Germany
Viridian's Postcard Blog has many more stamps so visit what others have found.
For me, I'm heading back outside to enjoy the 23C sunny weather... see you all later.


  1. I can hear the birds singing here, but I haven't seen any. It feels like summer here now, but I know we could possibly have a lot more cold weather.

  2. We have robins, cardinals, blackbirds, chickadees, sprarrows of course....the air is alive with their song.

  3. The kingfisher stamp from Austria is magnificent. After dogs I'd pick bird stamps every time.

  4. 23 degrees? Send some here!

    I'm starting to love bird images and these stamps have pushed me even further in that direction! Kingfishers are just wonderful birds but I've only ever managed to see one out of the corner of my eye.

  5. You can't go wrong with birds as the subject.

  6. I do like the kingfisher and saw one up close last summer. It was a beauty.

  7. Such beautiful stamps.

  8. Gorgeous selection of stamps, I love how they have captured the moment of take-off on the China stamp.

  9. beautiful collection of stamps,
    love the way the little canvas of art can brighten a day


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