Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunday Stamps

It is time to celebrate Spring flowers - something we are doing with amazement here in southern Ontario! Apart from the forsythia, I have seen snowdrops, crocuses, tulips, daffodils, narcissus and even a hyacinth popping through the earth. At a garden centre yesterday, I overheard someone sounding annoyed that the outdoor bedding plants weren't out yet. I think she had a bit of heatstroke from that summer day on Thursday (when it got up to 28C or 82.4F) and forgot that it is still only March.

A couple of years ago Absynthe and I received this card from Vilnius Lithuania of an original watercolour by Postcrosser Lolita

I may have posted this one before, but it is cute enough for a repeat.  a Moomin from Finland picking wildflowers
a South African dandelion, which looks prettier than our variety (blooms August to September)
the well known Sakura of Japan
Lily of the Valley from Germany

a few flowers from Belarus - peony, tulip and rose
and a 
tulip and daisy from Germany


  1. I was hoping to buy some tulip plants this week but they didn't even have those yet at the store I went to.

  2. All are beautiful flower stamps. I do like lily of the valley - such a wonderful scent. You are sharing such an abundance of stamps with us!

    1. yes, I got a little carried away. it's the spring fever, I guess!

  3. So much is coming up in the garden right now and the temps have dropped again..I hope everything survives. Your Lily of the Valley stamp reminds me I must pop round the other side of the house and see if mine are up yet.

  4. That Moomin is so cute! Do you think the Moomin is in love?

    Thanks for sharing that postcard too. It made me smile :)

    Happy Sunday.

  5. Our garden is a picture at the moment with all sorts of flowers but it will be a week or two before the tulips make an appearance. You have shown us a great collection of blooms.

  6. The Moomin picking flowers is wonderful! I didn't know the name for Lily of the Valley in German before now. Little May bells, is it? I was taken aback to see them called May lilies recently, a new one for me.

  7. There is a garden full of flowers here, hope the little Moomin does not pick them all:-)

  8. I hope we have such nice stamps with flowers at our post office. I'd hate to think we only had dull ones.

  9. The card and the stamps - all lovely, but I have a weakness for the Moomintrolls!

  10. The postcard is stunning. And I especially like the lily of the valley stamp - I have about a million of those coming up right now.

  11. A lovely selection of spring-y images! Thank you! Here I noticed today one lonely red autumn leaf has fallen off the scarlet oak. All the rest of the tree is still very green... but Autumn is On Her Way, it seemed to be saying.

  12. What a beautiful collection of flower-on-stamps! The Moomin picking a flower is just cute. I also love handmade cards, the postcrosser from Lithuania has some serious talent there that I can only wish for :) Apologies for the late visit. Am nursing a bad case of cold and coughs. Have a great week!

    Postcards Crossing


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