Tuesday, May 1, 2012

outdoor patios

If there is one thing Burlington does well, it is patios. We have side patios, back patios, rooftop patios, and sidewalk patios that may only consist of a couple of tables and chairs. We also have over 40 places to eat in the downtown core. And all of them are Outdoor Patios (as might be expected, but that redundant term is so often used that I am using it here to cover the overlooked O from last week)

In fact, in contrast to the next town over, Oakville, we are resplendent in Patios. I can only think of two small fast food take out places in our downtown core that do not have some sort of patio. Oakville, often considered the richer neighbour, has only about two coffee shops with a patio in their downtown. And one of them is not very nice.

I thought about showing you a variety, but really, it is a bit cool and overcast today and as usual I waited until the last minute to take photos and as a result most of them were empty, which doesn't make for overly attractive photos. So I will include the pretty one that has a P for my alphabet tour of Burlington for ABC Wednesday

Perhaps my favourite patio is at the Pepperwood, which stretches out for the whole block to include the patio areas of Benny's at the far end and the Gelato place, Siam Dish and The Second Cup at the other.

It almost, if you really stretch your imagination, feels European.

And on the other side of the road is the lake.
In case you haven't guessed, I really, really like being by the lake!

And I may be spending a lot of time on these patios over the next few months since the protective railings on our balconies are being replaced.

Today, the process began....


  1. patios and parks are the best places to pass the time :)

  2. Oh, one of my favorite places to pontificate is the patio! I really enjoy your pictures and pondering!

  3. Patio, coffee, peoplewatching - perfection!

  4. Outdoor dining areas are wonderful when the weather permits to enjoy them. Fortunately here in Melbourne we have both lots of such venues as well as lots of good weather, so it's very much an outdoor, café culture.
    This place you have photographed looks wonderful!

  5. We have quite a few restaurants here that have outdoor patios. It's always so enjoyable except here in Kansas when it gets to 110degrees in the shade. Last summer was one of those!!

  6. There is much to be said in praise of places which promote and facilitate leisure and being outside - even though it looks a bit braw and brisk.

  7. al fresco is the way to go
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. A Gelato place?? I am so jealous!!! And such a beautiful patio

  9. I see no ashtrays on the tables. I assume that means people can't smoke outdoors. At least that's the great pleasure of outdoor patios here. And I see no umbrellas and heating elements. Does that mean they are closed in the winter time and with inclement weather? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. there are no heating elements, but the umbrellas must be inside a cupboard somewhere, they will be out when it gets hotter. I do wish we were innovative enough to use these patios in less than perfect summer weather like they do in other places. and there is now no smoking on any patio has a covering- maybe you have to ask for an ashtray? I don't smoke and that is one of the things I don't like about them, having to endure the smoke.

  10. I love eating out on the patio - I like the fresh air and the people-watching.

  11. Many years ago now a friend and I decided to lunch at one of the (used to be) many oputdoor eateries in our city centre. It was quite windy however and we were both taken by surprise when a rogue gust of wind took off with our table - food and all! My friend however quick enough to grab our two wine glasses!! I had forgotten about that until I read this post, so thanks for the memory! :-)

  12. What a Particularly Pleasant P Post! :-) I love patios and dining al fresco, and think this is a fantastic patio, especially since it overlooks the lake! Very European indeed!

    The Sagittarian's story cracked me up, too!

    Good luck with with the Protective railings rePlacement Project! I hope it's finished Promptly. :-)


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