Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sunday Stamps

I had a wealth of stamps to choose from for this week's theme of stamps received since the 10th of May.

First up is this lovely 2 stamp version of cherry trees in Washington (thanks again, Danielle!)
which arrived on the same day (May 11) as these stamps from Japan. oddly this postcard only took 9 days to arrive from Japan, whereas the one from the US took 17 days!

these birds showed up on May 10th on a postcard from Hong Kong
a white bellied sea eagle, common kingfisher, scarlet minivet, and a fork tailed sunbird
Germany added to the nature theme with these

Canada supplied this orange daylily (domestic stamp) both of which arrived on May 17th
and then on Friday May 18th, this colourful one from China arrived
see what other stamps made their way through the world wide postal service on Viridian's Postcard blog


  1. Pretty batch here. That last one is my favorite.

  2. Oh you have pretty stamps. I love the se-tenant cherry blossom stamps! I also receive postcards from Japan rather quickly (five days).

    Postcards Crossing

  3. The Hong Kong birds and the German bee are tremendous stamps.

  4. Such petty stamps, the cherry blossom is a delight The Japanese do such wonderful stamps. The difference in the time post takes is always a mystery.

  5. The one from China is my favorite!!!
    Thanks for visiting my Sunday Stamp - Willa @ Postage Journal

  6. The Japanese stamps are beautiful works of art. I also really like the cherry blossoms pair.

  7. Wow. What a delightful array of stamps! All are beautiful in their own way. thank you for participating.

  8. Beautiful cherry trees - I have never seen the card before! I have received the German bee though.

  9. Those sure are goodlooking stamps. I wonder what our postal services have to over for overseas stamps? The regular ones are very boring.


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