Friday, April 26, 2013


a vacation stop almost halfway between Toronto and Montreal
The sign seems to have remained unchanged on this motel on Highway #2 in Gananoque. The above postcard was sent exactly 55 years before I took this modern day photo. The front office area has been altered and I can't remember if there were cabins (I was concentrating on the sign only). I like the idea that their phone number was 3 digits and a letter (not sure what the J stands for) Checking with TripAdvisor you will see some varied comments with an average 3 star review for this family run motel that is off the beaten track, but still close to the town centre.

Gananoque lies on the St Lawrence River and is known as the Gateway to the Thousand Islands.

the photo shows the eastern gateway with the postcard showing the western. the town is small, less than 3 square miles with a year round population of just over 5,000 that swells a fair bit during the summer tourist season.


  1. I think I like the looks of the old style looks more welcoming.

    1. It does look more interesting, for sure. I gather the rooms haven't been updated in years either.

  2. Really enjoyed this post. Always fun to see *then* and *now* comparisons. AAA rated! :D :D Happy PFF!

  3. Wow! Not much HAS changed. Love the comparisons. That is just too cool. (grin)

    Happy PFF!

  4. I'll take my camera with me when my I visit my sister in June. We are planning a trip to Toronto via Montreal, so I'll be on the lookout.

  5. A lot of changes between the old and new. I think I prefer the old style of everything. It seems a lot cozier.

  6. I know I have driven past there are least once. That is a very welcoming post card image.

  7. I think it's cool when retro buildings hang on t their old signage instead of modernizing.

  8. I love old motels!! I think I have a photo of this motel from last fall, off to check!!


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