Friday, June 14, 2013

Garden Day

Today, June 14th, is Canada's inaugural Garden Day
it will be a celebration of public gardens and green spaces held every year on the second Friday in June
so, here are three postcards showing public gardens from the west, east and central parts of the country

Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC floral summer splendour of the Italian Garden and "Benvenuto" former residence of the Butchart family and now part of the world re nown Butchart Gardens
Peacock Postcards 

The Montreal Botanical Gardens [Quebec] was founded in 1931 by Brother Marie-Victorin. Occupying 73 hectares within the city, it boasts some 26,000 species of plants. The postcard reproduces a painting of the garden which appeared on a postage stamp issued in 1991.
Canada Post Corporation

and finally, a Photogelatine card from [perhaps] 1937 showing the Rock Garden at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton, Ontario
Photogelatine Engraving Company, Ottawa



  1. Oh my...look at the old cars in the background.

  2. Hello Violet,

    Thanks for this green friday. I can't remember a garden day here in France, but I must check to see if we have something similar.

    My favorite are the painting postcard and the photogelatine.

    Enjoy your friday dear !!


  3. I think I'm google - ing photogelatine. It's my first time to read that...

    I like flower gardens. I always dream of one for myself.

  4. Oh, I especially love that middle postcard with the plush red rose! I had no idea my birthday (grin) fell on a holiday for gardening!!! That is SO absolutely cool--as are all three of these wonderful postcards!

    Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

  5. My fave is definitely the gaudy 1930s Rock Garden! I have a real soft spot for those crude colorization techniques!


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