Friday, June 28, 2013


The other week I showed photos of Burlington's brand new $15,000,000 pier. It is still too early to have any tourist postcards made, but I do have a postcard of the Million Dollar Pier in Atlantic City.
Opened in 1910 and purportedly named for the cost, it was a successful entertainment and amusement venue until a fire amidst the economic times finally resulted in closure in 1981.

The Steel Pier also had a devastating fire in 1982, but has since been rebuilt into an amusement pier again. Built in 1898, it was very popular and had up to 80,000 visitors on some days. It is currently undergoing a $100 million renovation and among the new rides will be a 200' ferris wheel with climate controlled cabins. There will also be a display of some 250 old postcards of the area.

The Million Dollar Pier was 1,775 feet long and built of reinforced concrete and had an aquarium, concert hall, theater, wireless telegraph station, as well as a home for Captain Young [the builder] and his wife. The Steel Pier was 2,000 feet long and for one admission price, patrons could enjoy every film, concert and attraction that included the world's top entertainers of the day.  Burlington's Brant Street Pier - also made of concrete - is only 449 feet into the water and does not have any shops, restaurants or amusements. It does have an observation tower. And it is at the park where free entertainment of festivals and craft fairs and ribfests are held. Still, not nearly the same.


  1. Hello Violet,

    I never heard about The Steel Pier, Atlantic city is a name that sound familiar to my ears, but I'm afraid to be confuse, it this a city known for the gambling or not ?

    What a sad end for such a magnificient place, I try toimagine how nice it's could have been to see a play, a movie, hear a concert there.

    Postcards are really strange but nice storytellers of the past.

    Thanks for sharing and happy FFP !


  2. I adore these postcards--the colors just fill my eyes. I feel warm and happy when I look at them. Thank you so much for sharing them with us! Makes me want to break out the watercolors!

    Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

  3. Love the old pier. So much personality and character. The new one??? Not so much.

  4. I feel the same with Beth, the colors are such an eye delight.

    Happy (late) PFF and have a great week ahead!

  5. Those postcards have a faded/summer-washed feel to them.

  6. oh this is a great post! there are lots of wonderful Victorian piers in the UK too...sadly, many have been burnt down...heartbreaking when that happens.


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