Wednesday, February 19, 2014

signs of winter

This could be white sand under these beach umbrellas, but it's not.
With the warm weather we're having (- 2ºC this morning, but expected to go up to +4ºC by this afternoon) I thought I'd wander down to the waterfront.

a few of the hundred or so ducks out on the water
and a few of the dozen or so people out on the walkway
as you can see, there is an awful lot of snow on the promenade
enough to almost bury this warning sign.

as a comparison, here is a shot from today and one from the winter of 2009, below

I read that Lake Ontario is the only one of the Great Lakes to not be frozen over this winter, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few ice floes
see more signs, not necessarily of winter, here


  1. We are up to one whole degree above zero over here.....flip flops and sun hats weather.

  2. Oh, that's weird to see snow on the beach!

  3. That first, sixth (icicled chains) and second last photos are incredible sights. And love the lighting in the first photo. I think perhaps when warmer weather comes, the almost buried sign needs replacement before next winter.

  4. It looks so cold, but very beautiful in the sun.

  5. Well I guess not being able to use the walkway at all constitutes using extreme caution.

    The snowy pictures are stunning and thank you for braving the cold to take them. but I must admit that I'd rather see than be there.

  6. I'm late to come and visit this post...but not much has changed!

    I didn't realize Lake Ontario is the only Great Lake that didn't freeze over this year. VERY interesting!

  7. Chains "fastened" in ice. Of course!


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