Friday, August 22, 2014

come fly away

Not that it was ever an option, 
but I do regret that I never had the opportunity (or money) to fly on the Concorde. I did manage to see and hear it fly overhead at noon as it left Heathrow.
I have been on a BOAC, back in the days when air travel was still an event that one dressed up for. 
Today, I will be wearing my warmest clothes that won't fit into my small suitcase (because getting a blanket and pillow is no longer a certainty)

Ideally, I'd prefer to travel in the Tardis, except I might end up in some strange land and century, but it would be an adventure. (maybe instead of going to the 50th anniversary party, I might actually be transported back to the wedding. that would be cool.) 
And the New Doctor lands on Saturday!! (yes, I'm so excited. not sure if jet lag will allow me to stay awake to watch, but I've been assured that I will be able to see the 'catch up' if sleep overtakes me. and I've been warned that no one else in my family is interested! how can that be??)
See you again in about 3 weeks.


  1. Have a great trip by Tardis or whatever.

  2. great post. I do feel that Tardis travel would be awesome. Safe travels and don't forget to send postcards.

  3. I have always loved the look of the Concord. In fact, there's a toy concord up in my attic. I used to like to look at it, and my son loved to play with it. Wonderful postcards! Happy PFF!!!

  4. Sorry we never met up! I did try, honestly!

    My dad flew on Concorde once. Hope you're home safely.


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