Tuesday, January 20, 2015

grave post - Jarvie

In Memory Of
Robert Jarvie
Born 5th July 1816
Died At Shanghai, China
23rd August 1866
Buried Here 5th July 1867
And Of His Wife
Agnes D'arcy
Born 1st March 1835
Died 6th February 1923
Daughter Of
Andrew Bannatyne, L.L.D.
And His Wife
Margaret Millar
Of Milheugh, Blantyre.
Also Frances Mary Collins
Dear Friend And Devoted Maid

I found a notice in the Paisley Herald from the 2nd of May 1863 announcing the marriage of Robert and Agnes. Robert was a partner with a Walter Buchanan as an East India merchant and died during the financial crisis of 1865-66 when the business went belly up. Agnes seems to have spent more time living with her "dear friend and devoted maid", Frances, than her husband.
a portrait of Mrs Agnes D'Arcy Jarvie by John Gilbert Graham  c 1866

and here is a picture of the home where Agnes was born and brought up. 

A history and description can be found here


  1. Hm. You have to wonder about the woman's relationship with the maid. Maybe in a different time she would have married her, instead.

    1. that thought crossed my mind, too. especially since 'friend' was listed first, before 'maid'

  2. I suspect that many women of the time spend MUCH more time living with their maids than their husbands. And the lucky ones like Margaret developed lasting (and loving) relationships with them.

    1. it is a shame that they were only married for such a short time. It would be a rare thing - and maybe not really socially possible - for a woman to live alone at that time, either.

  3. Dear friend indeed! I think this sounds like the start for a terrific historical novel! Let me know when you write it.

  4. Sallie - yes! And the house has now been raised [sic] to the ground now…


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