Sunday, January 18, 2015

Red Cross Society

75th anniversary of the incorporation of The Canadian Red Cross Society. 

At the heart of the Red Cross organization are the volunteers. In recognition of their invaluable contribution, the stamp design by William Tibbles and Clive Webster of Toronto features the medal awarded by The Canadian Red Cross Society for long-standing and meritorious voluntary service.
(source: Canada Post Website)
when I enlarged the photo of the stamp and adjusted the exposure settings more details emerged - like the writing up the sides and the denim background that I initially saw as simply a dark blue. 

It was at first an affiliate of the [British] National Society for Aid to the Sick and Wounded, subtitled the Red Cross and became the Canadian Red Cross Society by an act of Parliament in 1909. The Canadian Red Cross provided relief during the Spanish Civil War, the Boer War, and the First World War after which it decided to continue its work of mercy in peacetime. 

In 1984 when this stamp was issued, the Canada Post website lists among its contributions, 'among other things, organized the well-known blood-donor service*, the water and small craft safety program, various forms of international assistance, a sickroom equipment loan service, and a school program'. Now you can add Meals-on-Wheels, First Aid and CPR training and violence and abuse prevention. 
*The tainted blood scandal of the 1980s (when inadequately screened blood, often from high risk populations) led to the Krever Inquiry which eventually led to the role of blood donor services moved away from the Red Cross and the formation  of Canadian Blood Services.

I am still a little peeved that because of my visits to the UK in the 1980's I can no longer donate blood. I wonder what are the limitations to Brits donating blood in their own countries?


anyway, I am off to enjoy the mild temperatures in the city, and then see the Paddington movie, so will visit everyone's contributions later.


  1. One of things so enjoyable about scanning a stamp is seeing all the extra details on the result.

  2. Nice clear design. I had no idea about travel to the UK preventing further blood donations.

  3. Second stamp of Red Cross today!
    In Spain you can't donate blood after visiting some countries, but the limitation expires with the time (maybe one year, or something like that).

  4. So was it just because of the year you went to Britain? I had no idea travel could have that affect on blood donations.

    1. well, I was there about 4-5 times during the 12 years affected. But it was Red Cross that barred me, not sure if CBS has those records. Now I don't really remember the dates anymore.

  5. The Canadian Red Cross covers far more functions than the Red Cross here, I think. It's a very handsome stamp.


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