Sunday, October 18, 2015


I wish I had the third stamp in this series of maps of Austria issued in 2012
but I guess I should count myself lucky to have these two. One (Welt, or World) stamp came on a Postcrossing postcard and the other (Europa) came with several other stamps from another Austrian Postcrosser. The third (Inland) shows the flag filling in just the country of Austria in a small map of other unidentified neighbouring countries. 
I can't find a picture of it that I can borrow from the internet.

All of the stamp designs show the flag fluttering in the shape of the country.

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  1. A great serie!
    I hope you'll find the third stamp of this serie one day. I think I like these two most, because they are very original, and they teach us to see our countries in perspective :-)

  2. What a clever way for an inland country to show its map and location.

  3. I agree, this is a clever and unusual way to represent a country on postage.


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