Monday, September 5, 2016


If you are a carnivore, 
then my city was the place to be this weekend.

For Burlington is home to 
Canada's Largest Ribfest
held at Spencer Smith Park for over 20 years on the Labour Day Weekend. Consider it our way to tastily mark the unofficial end of summer on this holiday weekend.

It can get pretty hot working over the grill
    and smoky
Past trophies are on display and there were 19 ribbers this year. Prizes go out for best ribs, best sauce and best "pig rig".There are long lines for the hungry - I don't particularly like ribs, but I was happy to sample the sauces. My vote for favourite would be the one with apple butter and a taste of Jack Daniels.
and there are other foods, like funnel cakes, beaver tails, and poutine
 a short walk on the pier and you can get an overall view, but you can't really escape the smoky smell coming off the bbqs. I live five blocks from the park and some years when the wind is blowing in the right direction I am almost tempted to join the queues...

but for this year, it was just a walk around to share the fun with Jo's Monday Walks


  1. I found a short queue so it's ok! :) :) Love that curvylicious pier! I could spend a day or so taking photos of it.
    Thanks for joining me again, darlin. The link you left on my blog doesn't work, but as you can see I'm here, so no worries. See you next Monday!

    1. the pier isn't all that long, but it is curvy. perhaps that will be my next 'walk' post

  2. ...and darn, I missed it, perhaps next year!

  3. I've been to the one in Waterdown in the past. They are fun.
    My walk takes us to the EX this week.

    1. I think most small towns have one, too. It is a neat neighbourhood gathering - and fundraiser.


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