Sunday, September 11, 2016

wooden churches

Here is a joint issue Ukraine and Poland featuring Wooden Churches (Tserkvas) of the Carpathian Region. There are sixteen of these churches, with eight on each side of the border. In 2013 these were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
These Tserkvas  are Eastern Orthodox and Greek Catholic and were built of horizontal logs with octagonal domes between the 16th and 19th centuries. The two depicted on this stamp are 
the Greek Catholic Parish Church of St. Paraskevi in ​​Kwiatoń Poland built around 1700 with the tower added around 1743 (left)
St George's Church of Drohobych, Ukraine (right). It is the oldest and best preserved church of the region, built around 1500. It was last renovated between 1678 and 1711.

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  1. We saw one in Kizhi Russia, it was gorgeous.

  2. Think we have seen some of them on Inspired Sunday, great they are commemorated on a stamp

  3. Oh cool! You also have wooden churches for the Sunday Stamps link up. I'm so curious whether there's a country to country connection between my churches and yours ... or is it as preferred by the religious denomination? I am yet to do my deeper research on these ...

  4. I can see why they are a World Heritage site.

  5. so different ( ;

  6. I can imagine children exploring every corner . . . the sound of their shoes giving them away as they run to hide . . . I know, i would have zoomed for one spot to another, needing to explore everything . . .


  7. Great post and wonderful image and beautiful gems of sacred architecture.
    I really like churches. In my crack there are quite a lot.
    Greetings from Poland.

  8. What beautiful stamps. It would be great to visit them in person...

  9. They're amazingly complicated buildings, aren't they?

  10. They are very different from the churches I saw in northeast Poland.


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