Sunday, April 23, 2017

the state of windmills

This is a nice series of old windmills the USPS put out in 1980

the one in Virginia is located in Williamsburg, known as the Robertson Windmill. 
the one in Illinois is in Batavia and known as a Dutch windmill 
the Massachusetts one is a Cape Cod windmill in Eastham
the Rhode Island one is based on an Old Windmill in Portsmouth
and the Texas one shows windmills typical of the southwest
I was sure I had a couple more s, but alas I can't find them. At least I have the complete set of stamps.

and then there is this sample from Kansas, issued in 2011 and also showing the more recent wind turbines.

wind your way to Sunday Stamps for windmills or lighthouses


  1. What a great selection today. I love the 15c series, I hadn't seen them before.

  2., these are great, 15 cents is a deal.

  3. Oh dear, I forgot that windmills were an alternative, These are great - shall have to check my collection again.

  4. I really love the windmills. Great choice to feature.

    Enjoy your week,

  5. Beautiful stamps on another favourite theme of mine! Thank you for sharing, love to see all of these stamps!

  6. I like windmills. Especially the old wooden ones.


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