Sunday, September 3, 2017


EUROPA stamps have been issued since 1956
  According to the website, these stamps represent cooperation amongst postal operators and promote philately. They exist to build awareness of the common roots, culture, and history of Europe and its common goals. 
the original six countries of Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, France and Italy
with the first EUROPA stamps. Each stamp has a tower of the EUROPA letters surrounded by scaffolding, the theme being 'building Europe'.
designed by Daniel Gonzague from France.

By 1964, there were 22 members, which are represented by the 22 petals of this flower
designed by another Frenchman, this time George Betemps
A common design was used for the stamps until 1974, when a common theme was introduced. In 2017, the theme is castles. In 2018 it is bridges, and in 2019 there will be my favourite theme - birds.

see  more common, or not so common, stamps on the theme of the letter E  at Sunday Stamps II


  1. I did not know about the origine of the Europe stamps, nor knew about the first stamps. Thank you for sharing this interesting information!

    1. I think I prefer the common theme to the common design. I'm not sure why the latter would be so collectable when they are basically the same but in different colours and with the country name and value in a slightly different position. But, having said that, I seem to have a small collection...

  2. I love the common theme and seeing how each country has interpreted it rather than these early 'design' ones although can appreciate the idea of common unity behind it.

  3. ...I wonder what the future holds.

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  5. I didn't know that Europa stamps used to all be variations on the same image.

  6. I like both designs and better yet I like learning the word and the concept, both of which are new to me.

  7. Nice to know about the Europe stamps:)

  8. I have collected a few Europa stamps by accident over the years but never knew the background.
    Doubt they will figure in Brexit negotiations


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