Saturday, September 23, 2017

then shall all of the trees of the wood rejoice

Today is the first full day of autumn.
and it is a sweltering 35C - the first time it has gotten so hot this year.

While I am not a fan of Hallowe'en, I am a huge fan of pumpkins (especially in soup or as in pumpkin spice latte)
or even as decoration, especially when they are all misshapen.

It is still too early in most parts of the province for seeing the fall colours, though in some places farther north I hear they might be over before Thanksgiving (October 9). Going for a walk to see the leaves - and maybe kick your feet through some of the fallen dried up leaves - is a perfect way to work off some of that turkey and pumpkin pie dinner.

Most postcards that show the colours are generic country scenes with no actual location designated
this one is a bit of an exception, 

though the photo on the card could really be from anywhere...

and while getting out to country lanes for a drive among the trees is always a pleasure - except when everyone else has the same idea, then it's just a long, slow trek  - you can get just as much of a colour fix while walking the streets of the city

sharing with Postcards for the Weekend's theme of Fall scenes


  1. ...we are now having our summer too.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these postcards and the narrative. I wish I can be in a city like Montreal and enjoy the leaves change their colors as I walk past them every day. The last postcard has a special feel about it, perhaps it's the lighting. I wish you a good week VioletSky and a lovely autumn!

  3. Here it doesn't seem Autumn at all, it is still hot during the day. I guess the Autumn will arrive in one go, like the past years.

  4. Beautiful autumn views, and that first one is funny. I've never seen "pumpkin balloons" before :)

  5. So lovely! I miss the leaves changing colors. There just isn't much of a change in San Francisco from one season to the next.


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