Tuesday, February 17, 2009


On Sunday last, I came out of the grocery store to find a glorious full moon complete with halos and interesting clouds. And no camera. When I got home, I read that the next SundayStills challenge was to be ... the moon. I was so excited. Perfect, I thought. This will be easy (afterall, I work nights!) Wasn't to be. The moon barely even deigned to appear through the overcast sky. It didn't come to me, so I had nothing to offer on Sunday.

I didn't even have anything to offer on Saturday for the PhotoHunt challenge, the theme of which this week was: nautical. Perfect I thought, for HMCS Haida, the most decorated and successful battleship in Canadian history, is docked not far away. I could have made an effort, but I couldn't be arsed to get out find the energy to venture outside and look for it.

I was feeling a little down about my lack of energy. And my lack of enthusiasm.
I was tired of feeling lazy, but too tired and lazy to do anything about it.

Then, I read Delwyn's post and found she made me a postcard!
Violet has provided me with much joy through her variety of photographs allowing me to live vicariously in a stunningly different part of the world. She is warm and generous in her ongoing comments. I am glad I have met Violet.
You should see her other great hand crafted postcards, especially these ones.
She's over at A Hazy Moon and well worth the trip to her little part of the world.
So, today (Monday) I ventured outside. Into the throngs of people enjoying a holiday.
And took pictures.
But that is for tomorrow's post.


  1. Don't you love how that one little thought, gift or comment can be just the thing to get the energy flowing again? Cheers to your friend!

  2. What a gorgeous card and what a wonderful sentiment.

    I need to take a look at these photo day blogs - might inspire me to get back to my camera instead of malingering in the digital darkroom - or at the poolside! ;-)

  3. Well it has been said that giving thanks is like a pebble dropping into a pond...the ripples keep on going out...
    thank you Violet for the lovely comments. I appreciate them.

  4. Loved the piggy in boots! Just wnated to say hi from Christchurch, NZ.

  5. great to have friends who encourage us, when we are running out of steam!

  6. Beautiful card. Glad it re-energised you. Look forward to the photos. I am interested in how the HMAS Haida was Canada's most successful naval ship.

  7. Never sweat the small stuff, I have found it only makes my hair turn gray... :-)
    I can't wait to see tomorrows pics.

  8. Holiday? What's all this about a Holiday? We had no holiday...

    I get you about the energy - or lack thereof. This always happens to me in February. It's like all the energy I had stored away to make it through winter has been used up and there's just nothing left.

  9. So you got your moon after all, a special one. Well deserved, my dear.

  10. Geewits: so true. my mood is so fickle.

    Delwyn: and the water around here is melting for the ripples.

    Vanilla: looking at other people's photos does inspire me to see possibilities where I'd never expected.

  11. Amanda: and right back at you.

    Jeannette: isn't it, just? maybe I should make more phone calls... oh yeah the energy (blogging is much easier, and so many more friends out there!)

  12. LGS: great, a post idea!

    Ed: and I have to deal with those little gray issues, too.

  13. Jazz: oh yes, a bribe from Premier McGuinty to get re-elected. what to do with a holiday in the middle of Feb, with everything all muddy and/or frozen, and nothing open?

    Ruth: yes, I surely did!

  14. Oh, I'm so glad that Delwyn lifted you out of your slump! Three cheers for Delwyn! Hip-hip, hoorayX3

  15. I now call them my little life curves :) I got one today, my problem child sprained her ankle and is off running for a few weeks. So this will probably make me go straight to hell but what the heck, I did a happy dance when I read the email.

    I'm not full out again but on the mend, definitely on the mend.

  16. WHat nice timing for that! Glad it got you back out into life.

  17. a wonderful pick you up indeed....it's the sweet things like this that make the world special.

  18. Beautiful card, very creative. I think it's quite normal for us to feel tired and lazy once in a while - I call it lethargy. It sounds better!!

    CJ xx

  19. Exactly what Geewits said and what a beautiful card.

  20. Susan: It was shortlived, but a start

    CotW: If I want to be creative, and have anything to blog about, I need to get out and do something

    Char: I hope your 'new' world is special once you get settled

  21. Crystal: that is better than slothful, which was my thought

    UA: hope to see you out and about soon


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