Thursday, January 13, 2011

viewers like you

Have a gander at this post of Nanny Goats in Panties who has had a bit of a rant on her blog that may or may not be an over reaction to this article in the Daily Mail.
Either way, it is a telling tale of what some in the UK inaccurately assume of Americans and public television.
Viewers Like You who watch PBS do not like to be patronized.


  1. Reading to the end of the article I discovered that Downton Abbey is simply having adverts cut out. The original production remains as it was.
    I watched it and thought it very good and I'm pleased that there will be a sequel later on. Are you also getting 'Upstairs, Downstairs'? (The new adaptation)

  2. Jabblog: It is frustrating that we get these 'rumours' of stories being dumbed down, or cut for American audiences almost every time there is a new production (that is not Austen).

    according to my PBS newsletter, the new Upstairs Downstairs is coming in April and I am quite excited (one cannot get enough Art Malik IMHO)

  3. Well, it was a great rant! Speaking as an Oxford-educated hob-nobber, I have to confess that I found Downton Abbey a little disappointing and (whisper it) *slow*. Maybe I am a spiritual American?

    OK, I'll leave now before any of the mud pies hit me.

    (BTW, I'm with you on Art Malik. Ever since Jewel in the Crown...)

  4. Beastie: I enjoyed part one (I guess you are lucky the mud is all frozen)

  5. I don't watch TV anymore, even the good stuff! I'm sure I would enjoy this show, but I am in bed by 9, and I don't seem to have time to watch before that. :|

    Thanks so much for your friendship and visit on my anniversary.

  6. In French we would call that "prendre les gens pour des cons" but I cant help thinking that reducing the length might also be due to the commercials that interrupt the broadcasting of films in the USA (which I find difficult to stand!). Have a great Sunday. Mine is over already.

  7. I love Margaret. It was a spot-on rant.
    cheers, jj

  8. Yeah, the wind got blown out of my sails when I found out most of the cutting was commercials, and I just didn't have the strength to keep it up with, "Oh Yeah? Well then, why cut 10 minutes???" I couldn't bring myself to get THAT upset about it. However, Lesson Learned: The Daily Mail can bite me.


  9. NGIP: still, that headline was a rude and totally inaccurate assumption on their part and it is annoying beyond belief the idea that Americans (and by some extension Canadians) are too dumb to understand anything funny/intellectual/British.


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