Tuesday, February 1, 2011


There is a massive storm on the way here. So the weather channel and the news people keep warning us, every minute of the day for the last two days. This one is coming at us from Texas. Extremely dangerous weather. A very powerful low. The worst storm in years. The grocery stores were packed with people yesterday, stocking up. The morning traffic guy is in an early panic - "it's already started to snow".

I guess that will keep me indoors trying to understand this new computer. So far, I'm not enjoying it. I want my old familiar PC back. Am I the only one? It is so very disappointing. This is a much steeper learning curve than Apple leads you to believe. But, I took the $99 one-to-one option so that the friendly blue shirted employees could teach me, and spread their love of all things Apple. It is incredible how excited the staff are for me. They are all so happy, "oh, you are going to love using it". You should have seen the look on the blue shirted one's face when we were booking the next tutorial and I whipped out my Moleskine appointment book and pen (and I was asked - pointlessly, surely - once again, "do you have an iphone?" No.)

I do love the lack of cables and wires. And the thinness of everything. The wireless mouse and keyboard is rather cool, even if the idea of wireless still messes up my head. But the keyboard is so small that I keep hitting the cAPS lock key. And I will sorely miss the numbers keypad when I go to do my accounting. And I haven't figured out how to upload photos properly yet. And where is the 'save' option?? And what happened to the 'right click'?? And, aND... Okay, it will all come together soon. I will learn to love my Mac. I will.

And the good news? I don't have to shovel any driveways.


  1. Stay safe and warm. Maybe you and Mac become great friends.

  2. I had a hard time with the move too. But you get used to it. Really you do. And my mac has never once frozen up on me.

  3. I hope you learn to love your Mac and that you will tell us many good things about it.

  4. I hope the storm has not been harsh for you. Here in Connecticut, it's one thing after another coming uot of the sky!

  5. hope you're safe and warm! and enjoy the new mac - everyone says they are the photographers computer.

  6. Learning new computers can be frustrating, you know.

    That's why Doctor Joe prescribes a long romp in the snow.

  7. We are getting that storm also...sleet and ice came first...then the snow. I'm content inside. I bought a Mac three yrs. ago, and now I can't believe how easy it is to use! I also bought the one-to-one...extremely helpful. When I made my appointment I asked if there were any blue shirt people who had photo blogs, and yes there were and I could make my appt with one of them.

  8. Gail: I'm hoping

    Jazz: that freezing up thing is the main reason I switched

    Nora: I will keep notes to entertain you

    Sandy: the storm is is still on its way - another 12 hours apparently

    Char: that's what I've heard, too. but so far, I haven't found that sweetspot (but it has only been two days...)

    Joey: we are expecting 30 cm, so I may just do that tomorrow.

    Carol: that is a good tip, I will ask on Thurs when I go back.

  9. Hmmm.. looks like there's a lot of weather going on around the world!

    Hang in there re. the mac. Winter is a good time to learn new things. I love my Mac, but I never learnt PC, so never had to UNlearn...

  10. As a technophobe, I HATED the changeover from PC to Mac. I kept wanting to go back to the stuff that was familiar. But now that I've been using a Mac for several months, I find PCs incredibly slow and clumsy and counter-intuitive. Stick with it: I love my Moleskine diary and notebook, but I love my Mac too!

    Good luck in the Great Storm, by the way. Hope it's largely newscasters getting over-excited as usual. Keep us posted.

  11. Oh, I hope it gets easier for you. I'm so used to a PC I think I'd also have a tough time switching.

  12. When I traded in my Apple desktop for my Apple laptop, I missed the numbers keypad at first too, but I got used to it surprisingly quickly. I use a PC at work sometimes and it frustrates me to no end with its stupid right/left clicks and ridiculous boot-up/shut-procedures - argh! I find it hard to switch between the two systems because I think the Mac is so much more intuitive (maybe not totally, but more so than the PC). Anyway, have fun learning your new 'puter and stay warm!

  13. I will stick with my PC for now!! I am lusting after the HP TouchSmart!! Sigh!
    And my driveway is too long and has too much snow to shovel. So we are stuck at home. At least hubby is able to work from here! Stoke the fire and heat up some soup...it is going to be a long week!!

  14. I am sure you will love your Mac, and having those one to one lessons is terrific. I have not managed to start my latest lessons, but will get to it soon, I hope.
    The tiny keyboard does take time to get used to, and I have twenty times the number of typos, but I could always switch to my old keyboard.
    Macs are beautiful and PCs are ugly.
    However yesterday my Mac would not accept my password and I have to switch it off, speak to it severely and turn it back on. I thought I would have to ring the Help people!
    Even my technologically challenged younger sister recently swapped to a Mac and she is doing all manner of clever things now.
    A huge cyclone is approaching Queensland, and it sounds extremely dangerous and scary.

  15. I would have the same trouble getting used to the Mac but I'm sure you'll love it after a while, Violet!

  16. Well, we did get the promised storm after all. Still, it is nothing compared to what is in store for Qnsld.

    Katherine: yes, the unlearning is the hardest part

    Beastie: the storm wasn't overhyped. I will never give up my notebooks - I need to write things down in order to remember them

    SAW: I always find change difficult...

    Pinklea: I guess the right click is stupid, but my fingers go there automatically and I keep wondering why nothing is happening!

    SueAnn: soup sounds wonderful after my long night in the driving snow!

    Persiflage: I hope you get your sessions soon and that everything settles down for you both.

    Mary: after wanting this for so long, I know I must give it time...

  17. I dread getting new technology, nothing is ever as simple as they claim it will be and nothing is in the same place as the old ones....and then one day you realise it is simple, and works fine and you dread having to change it...:-)

  18. Mine was just the opposite. I was all Mac all the time because I was a graphic artist. Now I'm all pc and it seems pretty retarded about some things. As far as the right clicking I think on the Mac you press the option key, but it's been a while now. I don't like laptops at all of any kind because I do ALL of my numbers on the keypad. Good luck with your Mac. I'm imagining a post from you in late March about how much you love your Mac.

  19. Yes. I'm missing all the things you listed, and at first I kept hitting the CAP key, but my stubby fingers have adjusted and yours will, too. The best thing you can do is get one of those teeny-weeny mice, mouses? It was the best thing I did, because my wrist was killing me from the clicking on the tracker.

    For me, the photo thing is the worst. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the photos from Picasa onto the blog, so I usually go back to the PC for this.

    Wish I had signed up for the one-on-one. But you can also google "MacBook tutorial" and there is help there.

  20. Hang in there and you will love Mac especially when you see how fast and powerful it is when dealing with pictures. I found the Mac Help and Tutorials to be very good; much better than that of Windows. In fact, I taught myself from those tutorials and supplemented it with a couple of questions to the Mac shop geeks. Good luck and stay warm.

  21. Saj: my eyes keeps going to the wrong corner - good exercise, I guess!

    Geewits: I have heard that it is much easier to go from a PC to a Mac than the other way around. and this isn't a laptop, but it still doesn't have the numbers keypad (I think I could have gotten another keyboard, but it wasn't the one included)

    Susan: yes, the photo editing is frustrating - Windows always offered up so many option. but, in a few minutes, I am off to my next session...

    LGS: Mac tutorials are very good, I must admit. the lovely Jazz and Mr Jazz sent me a pdf and that has proved immensely helpful.

  22. Good luck on your new computer. I love my two ipods and everybody tells me how great their pc's are but I would have to start from scratch just like you. I curse Bill Gates and microsoft for making pc's so complicated but they are what I know.

  23. Ours was the "perfect storm": a lot of snow, but few traffic accidents and power outages. Sounds something like what you got.

    I've had my macbook pro for less than a year, and I was totally annoyed with it at first. My son kept telling me, beforehand, how great it would be, and then when everything wasn't great, I was disappointed. The main thing that has really changed is photos -- loading and storing. But now that the learning curve is past, I really do love it. Cool that you have the ongoing support!

  24. All this snow... YUCK (from Connecticut) I have had to switch around platforms through the years. Because I do not care about the innards, I've stuck with a Mac. I NEVER used the keyboard. I used my calculator on the control panel. Still do. But I was trained on a Mac, so. I programmed my mouse so that I can right click on the right side of the mouse, I can scroll running my finger down the middle or across, but I ditched that. I got into trouble sometimes.

    Anyway, In fifteen years I got ONE virus and never have lost a document except through my OWN stupidity from not saving. And my computer froze because I did not have enough RAM for the programs I ran.

    Enough of that. I am new to your blog and I want to read more! GOOD luck.

  25. Ruth: I am strangely comforted by the fact that so many other people have a tough time adjusting! The iPhoto thing is at the top of my agenda for future tutorials.

    Jeannette: so nice to meet you. Yes, I really have been on tenterhooks waiting - dreading - another crash. It is getting easier... and more fun.


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