Wednesday, February 9, 2011


There was a a discussion around the table the other night that got a bit heated. Everyone had an opinion and in the end no one seemed to be persuaded to the other side. At least no one was left with hurt feelings or a bad taste in their mouth.

Who knew there were so many wrong ways to eat peanut butter?
At the most basic level was the brand - around these parts, Kraft vs Skippy vs a store brand. Then there was the natural vs the processed. And let's not forget smooth vs crunchy. But, really, just because it says 'butter' in the name, does not make it a replacement for butter. Butter enhances the flavour of the peanut butter.

First, and perhaps foremost, without the creamy smoothness of the butter, there is a good chance the peanut butter will be sticking to the roof of your mouth for hours. If you are making a peanut butter sandwich, you need to put something on the other slice of bread. And if you are adding another condiment, then the butter acts as a barrier so that it doesn't soak into the bread and make a soggy sandwich.

An unscientific study says that honey is the peanut butter sandwich adornment of choice for Canadians over the American preference for jam or jelly. Personally, I like banana. Or, if I am feeling particularly decadent, Nutella. Peanut butter and bacon makes a nice sandwich, too. Interestingly, my brother and I came to this discovery independent of each other and were the only ones at the table discussion who had thought to try the combination.

So, where do you weigh in on this?


  1. Having lived in Indonesia in my early childhood years, we ate peanut butter with sugar on top. If I would put anything on it now, it still would be sugar:)
    My kids sometimes eat peanut butter with chocolate sprinkles.

  2. Jeannette: I forgot about chocolate sprinkles (hagelslag!), have never tried it with sugar.

  3. Peter Pan or Jiff are the brands. I like Karo Syrup and peanut butter, Hubby like banana and peanut butter. PB&J are not bad with a slice of sweet onion.

  4. never heard of pb and bacon, I like pb and jelly

  5. Peanut butter with butter is a no-no for me. Who needs more fat in their diet? Plus, you can't taste the butter, so why put it on the bread, I figure.

    But I do like peanut butter with cheddar cheese.

  6. I like peanut butter and butter, but it has to be real butter.

  7. Jim: so we are in agreement. pass the butter, please.

    Gail: I've always just had Kraft, but have seen Jif on the shelves. have never heard of Karo Syrup, but sweet onion (Vidalias?) sound good with pb.

    Cinner: I am not a jelly fan and I actually rarely eat bacon, but every now and then...

    Pinklea: I know, there is a lot of fat involved - but then that is where the flavour really comes out.
    and another thing I have not thought of - with cheese!

    Nora: oh, definitely. always real butter!

  8. I absolutely hate butter mixed with peanut butter. I think it takes away from the creaminess of the peanut butter. And a good sandwich is peanut butter and potato chips! Yum!!

  9. SueAnn: really?! this was sortof how our discussion went!
    now, pb and chips does not appeal at all to me. would never have occurred to me to try that combo.

  10. No butter with PB. Evah. Nevah evah!

    PB & bananas or PB with very sharp cheddar.

    Or PB on a hot bagel or toast.

    - Jazz

  11. I can feel my arteries furring up just from reading this. But my mouth is watering. PB and nutella sounds almost too fabulous. PB & banana is a great combo. I love PB (has to be crunchy) on hot toast, with a scrape of butter and plenty of raspberry jam or bramble jelly. Slurp. All I need now is Elvis to eat it with me (1956 version, not 1976 please).

  12. I liked pb,especially while traveling in Canada and the USA. But only half of our family eat it. For me it was just the best choice, available in every store, easy to carry while on the way, and cheaper than Nutella.
    In Germany, where I live, I don't eat pb. I eat cheese on a sandwich. The perfect taste.

  13. Peanut butter? Adam's rules! All natural. You'll never go back to sugar-laden Kraft or Skippy again.
    Oh, and PB and banana. Heavenly.

  14. I'm no fan of peanut butter either. Down here the arguments are all about which is better - Vegemite or Marmite!

  15. Oh, but I do use crunchy peanut butter when making satay

  16. Most of the time I have my crunchy organic p.b. on whole wheat toast when I'm at home. If I'm going shopping and will be out at lunch, I carry a p.b.& organic fruit spread from Trader Joe's called Superfruit. It is yummy. Peanut butter and bacon sounds interesting. When I was in school we had p.b. and brown sugar. We always had that when they served chili. I eat p.b. at least 3 times a week.

    Interesting post and comments.

  17. Jazz: how have I gotten this far in life and not thought of pairing pb and cheese?

    Beastie: at least you are craving HOT toast. and yes, 1956 Elvis, definitely.

    jabblog: for years I didn't like it either.

    Carola: I remember when I lived in Holland, it was hard to find. that is where I was introduced to Nutella.

    Mr Writeon: the thing with au natural, is that one must keep it in the fridge and then it isn't very spreadable.

    Saj: a hex on vegemite and a pox on marmite. blech.
    I also make peanut soup using crunchy.

    Susan: very specific tastes, you have!

  18. Butter with peanut butter? Why add gratuitous fat? I don't like nutella AT ALL. Jam or honey or banana are all fine choices. I especially like PB with banana, honey and a little cinnamon. I buy the crunchy kind that is made only with peanuts - no added emulsifiers or oils (Smuckers Natural). The label actually says, "Ingredients: Peanuts. Less than 1% salt added.)

  19. Not something I've ever tasted but my husband loves it on his toast!!!

    Have a good weekend, CJ ss

  20. The brand we had in NZ, when I was young, was ETA. I never did eat it with anything other than butter or margarine, but now, for some reason I can't stand it, and would never eat it. Kraft seems to be the most prevalent brand here now. My Grandson loves it, and so does Gom.
    Now it has almost become illegal to take it to school, in case of anaphalactic shock, from allergies, as it can kill a child in minutes.

  21. I'm not a peanut butter lover, either!

    But I love your new header!

  22. SAW: because the fat adds so much more creamy flavour?
    We don't get Smucker's peanut butter - only their jams. I will definitely look for it next time I venture into NY.

    CJ: it makes a perfect breakfast, are you not even curious as to its taste?

    Meggie: we have the same issue here with schools and workplaces.

    Gilly: thank you! good to see you back!

  23. Chunky peanut butter with butter (forget the calories! The taste is worth it!) and also cunky peanut butter and banana. OH! YUM!

  24. For me its SKIPPY "crunchy and strawberry jam. Just cant agree with the addition of butter though :)


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