Friday, March 25, 2011


Have I mentioned how much I love my Mac?
... and my new very comfortable bed?
It is quite a bit higher than my old mattress. My feet dangle off the edge and don't reach the floor. That is kind of a fun novelty. Is it not strange how I can be so conscious of being higher up? Perhaps a footstool will be necessary especially as poor Abby cannot possibly climb that high. She hasn't had any more bad turns, but I have a neighbour checking in on her while I'm gone.

In the meantime, I show you this beauty

I have three more just like it - two for me, one for the catsitter and one for my friend who owns the cottage.

And it is snowing again.

So, until Tuesday. I will try to do something blogworthy to report. I know I have been leading a dull life of late and haven't had much to say.


  1. guess what, I love my mac so much I have just bought, installed and ungraded a second one, a laptop this time. (second-hand) I LOVE MY MACs plural!

    The orchid is fantastic, why give them away? You must love the recipients almost as much as you love your mac.

  2. uPgraded, uPgraded, you silly woman. (I often talk to myself)

  3. Friko: I want to give her something for being so generous with her cottage and she will not take any money.
    I am almost tempted to get myself a laptop now, too!

  4. Have a great time at the cottage, in the snow or mud or whatever!

  5. That's a gorgeous flower - sorry about the snow.

  6. Oh Yes Macs are terrific. Perhaps they will take over the earth? New beds are great, too.
    While I don't feel at all capable of caring for orchids, and thus admire other people's, yours is very beautiful.
    Have a good time away. Isn't it a bit late for snow? Over here it is starting to get cool, at last.

  7. Enjoy your time at the cottage. I hope your cat enjoys her time on your high bed. Those flowers are gorgeous :o)

  8. There's no such thing as a dull life, just sustained quiet moments.

  9. This is my Dad's favourite orchid. Seeing it always brought me warm memories.

  10. I use a stepstool for not only getting in and out of bed, but to give my old feet a nice stretch in the mornings before I get going.
    I hope you have a great stay at the cottage!

  11. hee hee...
    «Louis» et Mme. la Vache are Mac people, too!
    Once you Mac, you won't go back!

  12. I'm thrilled you've joined the MacClub. I knew you'd love it

  13. Ah. Macs and Phalaenopsis orchids. A perfect analogy. Beauty, style, design.


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