Tuesday, March 29, 2011

at the end of the road

If you drive far enough along the long country roads, at the end you can see the blue line of the lake.

and further up the coast, you can still see a thin blue line of water beyond the icy, snowy shore.
by the second day of intense sunshine, you could see more melting

The beaches are empty at this time of year, most of the sand still under cover

the view at times a bit alien

the dogs, who are banned during the summer can roam free
The streets are quiet in the winter. The tourists and summer visitors have all disappeared. For those who are here, it can be a bit frustrating with so many shops shut for the season or having limited openings.
but signs are getting ready for summer.

The cottage was warm and inviting
the sunsets a calming feature.


  1. I like beaches like that! Especially when they are empty except for me and my dog! And those look like lovely views.

    Though your roads are straighter than ours!

  2. Gilly: our grid pattern roads make it a lot easier to navigate!

  3. Wow, looks lovely! - Jazz

  4. One of the things I loved in Pennsylvania were roads like the first--only they ended in lines of gold. Corn, or hay, sometimes with a row of Amish bales, which looked like Amish women's skirts--women bent from the waste down, tending mythic fields.

    I love bleak, deserted, winter beaches. They do not sadden me. They make me wake up. Why?

  5. Jazz: I was so not expecting to the lake to be covered in snow with those mountains from the waves! An it is only in this part at Port Elgin/Southampton.

  6. Jeannette: I am not a beach person, per se, and I quite enjoyed walking along these deserted ones and watching the change in light on the snow-covered lake. You would have loved to paint here! (I did think of you and other artists while I was admiring the views)

  7. Looks like you had a lovely, relaxing weekend at the cottage. Love the deserted beach photos. I've walked a few of those in my time!

  8. beautiful, just beautiful.
    I bet it's not nearly as attractive when it's overrun with summer visitors.

  9. Lovely photos. Those scenes are so different from what we're used to in western Canada.

  10. Gorgeous banner photo!!! Thanks for stopping by MammothLakesDP!!! Happy spring thaw!!!

  11. Pinklea: it was incredibly relaxing... and so quiet.

    Friko: the tourists at least add some life. and this part of the lake has very strong waves so there isn't the noise from watercraft.

  12. Mr writeon: yes, we are missing a certain mountainous terrain. I actually get excited at seeing these baby hills.

    Chieftess: nice to see you here, and thank you.

  13. I hope the cottage had a fireplace. To me, those views say, "Look at us! We are lovely! Now go sit by the fire and contemplate us."

  14. It looks cold and empty but also beautiful. It'll be all melted and overrun with people soon enough.

    Great pics, especially the last one.

  15. Absolutely beautiful in its bleakness. And the cottage looks darling. But I bet you're ready for spring by now...

  16. You know, I've been to beaches all over the world but I just realized I don't think I've ever seen a beach with snow on it.

  17. Geewits: yes! there was a fireplace.

    Yogi: thanks.

    Beastie: I rather like bleak landscapes, somehow I can relate to them.

    SAW: we do things differently up here, for sure.

  18. Never thought of it that in a town with tourism for the summer many shops would limit their hours or be closed in the winter -I'm sure I would not like that!
    BTW love your first pic with that very long road -great capture!


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