Saturday, March 12, 2011


It has been three weeks. THREE WEEKS. And I am so tired of being sick. Today I feel as if I have turned a corner, but then I have said that before only to feel just as bad (though in a different way) hours later. I have heard from several people who had this strain of flu and we all agree - the worst part is the coughing. It is almost relentless. Even the cat is fed up with it and has managed to pull down a towel off the shower curtain rod and made a cozy little bed for herself in the bathtub. When she is not asleep on the chesterfield. Can't say as I blame her, really. At least she is no longer sleeping on my head, or my chest.

I have managed to continue working at night - the fresh air feels so good - but it was getting embarrassing to have to phone clients back after rescheduling their appointments to say "um, sorry, I'm sick again."

I have more than an adequate supply of kleenex, vitamins, lemons, ginger ale (and even ginger beer), chicken soup, cough drops and bottles of cough syrup (currently Benalyn, Robitussin, and Buckley's). Then there is the Vicks Vaporub which has not done a darn thing for relief. I have a new vaporizer, several new toothbrushes and change my pillowcases every other day. I am fighting this with everything I can think off and yet still this damn thing hangs on.

The bad news is my birthday weekend away has been cancelled.
The good news is I have lost several pounds.


  1. I can sympathise. I had this over Christmas. Take it easy.

  2. Maybe you need an antibiotic?

  3. Lots of vitamin C,Lemons, Oranges; fresh greens to build up the immune system. We try to fight it with all our might, it always takes its time and its course. It is better to let the body fight it to grow antibodies. Antibiotica is only the last resort! I hope you feel better tomorrow!
    best wishes. T.

  4. Oh hun....I am sorry you are still feeling poorly!! But hey!!! Congrats on the weight loss...what a yucky diet though! Ha!
    Hugging you from a distance

  5. Maybe it's gone into bronchitis? You should probably see a doctor. Hope you are better soon. :(

  6. I've had bronchitis 4 times this school year and my last bout lasted OVER 8 weeks! It just takes TIME to get over it, believe me! I feel for's no fun, especially when you are coughing, coughing, coughing...Get well soon!

  7. Ouch! Not nice. Wishing you a speedy recovery; take plenty of rest, you know you need it.

    CJ xx

  8. To help with sleeping you could try raising your bed at one end? We used to do this for our Scowly's cot, the head end we put books under to raise it to help her breathe easier (we used Steinbeck novels so we could truthfully say she was raised on Steinbeck!)
    Take care, and keep up the fluids and the veges.

  9. Just so you know, that long-term "sickness thing" is here on the Wet Coast, too. Our absentee rate at school has been 10-15% since the beginning of February, and is just now easing up. I've not been feeling well for two or three weeks myself, though not as bad as you (no relentless coughing). I think it's just time that will cure it, that this is a particularly stubborn virus that refuses to let go gracefully. Glad you seem to be on the mend, however!

  10. I feel for you. I hope you feel better soon and don't have pneumonia. I hope you have (had?) a happy birthday anyway.

  11. Thanks all.

    The sun shone today and for my birthday I went out for a walk and had some coffee and PIE.
    Great Day.

  12. Glad you are feeling better. Being sick is not the best way to lose pounds, but most people would be happy about that part.


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