Wednesday, November 23, 2011

100 dollars

I have been thinking of this as a piece of art.
The new polymer 100 dollar bills came out last week and I managed to snag one. It is still the same buff colour as the older cotton fibre version. This time around the images are dedicated to science.
I have had fun fondling its smoothness, turning it around in the light to see all the pretty colours and the embedded pics. I have caressed Prime Minister Borden's shoulders trying to feel the raised bits (they are extremely subtle). And then there are the see through bits, which are a fun novelty.
The older bills were easy to counterfeit - at one point in the early 2000s, it was near impossible to spend one at any store as no-one would accept them.

It isn't quite true that it doesn't wrinkle. But it doesn't fold well. And it has some pretty cool waterproofing - no drops remains when you pull it out of a basin of water, dries immediately!
It is also very slippery (as a friend of mine who works in a bank testified while trying to count a bundle!)
But I doubt my wallet will ever carry more than one anyway.

Now that I have wrinkled it, I will take it back to the bank until I can afford another pristine edition.


  1. It's about time. They'd had polymer bills in Australia for years already the first time we went there.

  2. Now they need to eliminate the stupid penny that costs more to produce than it's worth.

  3. I know, they are making this out to like a Canadian invention.

    I have a jar full of pennies I will need to spend first. I take them with me to Tim Horton's every night. (one loonie and 60 pennies!)

  4. We've done away with pennies. We round everything off to the nearest 5 cents. It's much easier. Your 100 dollar bill looks great. I hope it keeps its worth for a long time. XOX

  5. I had read about it but hadn't seen all the details. That's pretty cool.

  6. Have you noticed the number of shops that have signs up that say they don't accept $100 bills? Hope you don't get stuck with yours:-)

  7. Nora: it is that rounding UP to the nearest 5 cents that will be annoying.

    geewits: it is pretty cool. now, I'm anxiously awaiting the $50 :)

    Andy: at least all the ATMs will accept them!

  8. Hmmm... I have never had a Canadian 100 dollar bill old or new. The ATM only gives me 20s. :(

  9. Looks great but will they be giving out free samples?

  10. I have not seen one yet, times they are a changing. hugs.

  11. Your money is more interesting than ours. Every other country has money more interesting than ours. And yet, every other country's money looks like play money to me.

  12. Hi there - plastic money has one huge advantage over paper money. If you leave it in your pocket and then wash your trouser then money comes out good as new! (Although you may be arrested for money laundering!)

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  13. Halcyon: I had to actually into a bank and ask for one, then hand over the twenties the machine outside gave me.

    LGS: sadly, no freebies

    SAW: I take forever at a check out wheneverI am in the States double and triple checking my bills. And now, I hate having so many $1 bills - those coins aren't so bad afterall.


  14. Cinner: some things are changing for the better, it seems. I just wanted to play with for awhile. it has gone back into the back for circulation (although a wee bit wrinkled!)

    Stewart: I like that! There have been several times I have hung up a bill with a clothes peg to dry it out!

  15. I just got one today from my bro for xmas present for mom and dad and something for sis and something for me. It is VERY nice.

    I googled Images for Aussie plastic money. Not as much transparency like Canada's though. We have SWATHS of transparency in the Canadian 100 and will in the Canadian $50 too.

    I don't know why the USA just doesn't have these by now... You would think by now....

    It is a masterpiece.


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