Tuesday, November 8, 2011

waddle adorably

Climb a tree and sit on a branch. Chitterchatter chitterchatter.
If someone were to find me on Facebook, or Twitter, they might assume that I lead a rather ... boring life. They might be right. Even my "friends" don't post much. (except for about 2 or 3 people, who are also, co-incidentally, bloggers). I have 2 followers on my Twitter account, even though I have never tweeted. The Facebook account is mostly for playing their version of scrabble and the Twitter account is mostly to follow the fake tweets. The first one I got hooked on was the Mars Phoenix Lander from a couple of years ago (there is a new Mars mission known as Curiosity Lander launching at the end of this month)
Rummage in a garbage bin. Toss things willy nilly.
These so-called fake twitter accounts appeal to my sense of humour and my short attention span. The tweets from celebrities hold absolutely no interest for me. The ones from the snake that escaped from the Bronx zoo and tweeted his exploits around NYC were fun to read and the tweets from the osprey who was a bundle of nerves over her babies learning to fly (and finally catching their own food, freeing up her time to take up crocheting to calm herself) had me in stitches. 
Wake up, have a little pee in the fallen leaves, go back to sleep.
My newest favourite is a city raccoon. He spends his time scurrying, gnawing, twitching and sleeping, among other less savoury activities. He also washes his paws a lot.
Get up, wash front paws in a puddle. Wash wash wash.

I get to see quite a few raccoons while I am out at night and sometimes, I will suddenly think of one of these tweets and burst out laughing.
Gnaw on leftover pumpkin bits. Gnaw. Gnaw.
Slowly...peer...down...through the bathroom skylight. Blink blink.

He even managed to send out tweets after getting drunk from eating a fermented apple. I have tried texting and found it took me an inordinate amount of time to figure out the sequence of keys to press, so you have to admire this little guy's admirable dexterity!
Car! Run run run run run run run, down into a ditch.
Crash! Scurry scurry scurry, hide among the shadows.
And his ability to make what might appear to be a boring life, rather amusing afterall. 
Dream of fresh salmon (with a sprig of dill).


  1. I don't tweet or facebook. Sorry...but that would be funny.

  2. I've always thought Twitter was rather ridiculous. Now you have me thinking I should get onto Twitter just to meet the raccoon...

  3. I don't twitter but the funny fake ones sound interesting. I see that I can read it. Maybe my husband has an account on here.

  4. Hey, start tweeting! I didn't start until I'd been registered for a year (registered what? you might ask!) It's quite fun and following can be interesting. Watching what's 'trending' (got all the lingo;-)) is incomprehensible!!
    I'm @jabblog (so original!) Where are you?

  5. I love the raccoon and osprey tweets - great fun!

  6. Gail: it is interesting how so few of my family and friends are into these things!

    Jazz: twitter is ridiculous - but sometimes, so much fun

    Geewits: you don't need an account to read, I signed up just to get the updates.

    Jabblog: I have enough trouble thinking of things to write about on this blog, I would be a basket case trying to think of things on twitter as well ;)

  7. I don't twitter and have closed my facebook account. I'm just too much of a boring and laid back person. I frankly don't care enough. I'm even boring when I blog, but it's entertaining to me. I think twitter is to high speed for me.

  8. Nora: I could never keep up with your tweets were you to start that as well! ;)

  9. I am a terrible tweeter and I hardly keep up on Facebook!! Sigh!
    Just not enough hours in the day

  10. I don't Twitter, or do Facebook, but I did laugh at the Mother Osprey who too up crocheting to calm herself down!!!

    In fact, I'm still laughing!

  11. Have never ventured into the land of Facesinbooks or Squeaks and Twitters but the raccoon sounds like a blast. Thanks for dropping in on the(dusty)featherednest.

  12. Squirrel would like to meet raccoon.

  13. I love the idea of following a raccoon on twitter. :))

  14. I don't twittererer. I think it's an ideal medium for raccoons, though. This little guy is seriously funny.

    We have ospreys in our area in the summer. I'll have to look out for signs of crocheting next season...

  15. LGS: I will pass that on to him/her

    EG: I thought the gay penguins' tweets might be fun, but they are mostly requesting support (which I think they have!)

    beastie: even though he keeps doing basically the same thing, I still look forward to reading about it!

  16. Delores: glad to find another neighbourhood blogger

    Gilly: who knew animals had such a sense of humour, eh?!

    SueAnn: no, there are not enough hours. I have trouble keeping up with blogs, too.

  17. I have to admit, that's cute. But in general, in the blog world, I have a very low tolerance for things written from an animal's or baby's POV. I flee from those blogs!

  18. SAW: interestingly, I agree - I have no time for those blogs!


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