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grave post - Anketell Henderson

Anketell Matthew Henderson died on June 23rd, 1876, at Toronto, in Canada, whither he had gone for rest and change of scene.
edited announcement from The Argus (Melbourne Australia) Friday 4 August 1876
News by cable brings intelligence of the death at Toronto of the Rev. A. M. Henderson, late minister of the Collins Street Congregational Church.
Born in Ireland, he emigrated to Australia where he was requested to help revive the Collins St church which, from various causes, had been greatly reduced in numbers, and stood much in need of a revival of its formerly possessed importance.

His style was not only earnest and forcible, but his extensive reading gave him an advantage in illustration of which he made excellent use. But he was a man of strong will, and had a somewhat despotic manner of asserting it, so that, with no doubt, the best intentions and most praiseworthy purposes, he sometimes made enemies whom a little tact might have converted into friends.

Still, it seems he had enough admirers to have a special monument erected at the St James Cemetery near the home of his nephew John Garvin of 342 Jarvis St (image) where he had been staying when he died.
About a year ago Mr Henderson's health began seriously to give way, and he was recommended to discontinue his duties for awhile. Arrangements were made for a tour to the old country by way of New Zealand, where he derived much benefit from the mineral baths. At Honolulu too, he rested awhile.
The newspaper account does not specify what his illness was, but did indicate that "from the nature of the affection from which he suffered it was hardly likely that any improvement would be permanent".

It seems the Rev Henderson also had some run ins with the press and this newspaper did not shy away from pointing out a few of his faults due to his impulsive and aggressive nature.

It is unknown whether he was travelling alone, but he left behind "a widow and five children, two of whom are married".

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  1. Interesting post and an impressive marker.

    Beneath Thy Feet

  2. What a straight-shooter the writer of this obituary was! Nothing like telling a man his failings and short-comings, even to such a man as was quick with the same in the other direction. But he was a Congretational ...

    Personally, I blame his parents ... for saddling him with that first name to go with that family name ... Anketell ...

    1. I found the obit to be very frank (and a bit refreshing, really!)

      I wonder how many people were named after the family homeland (as in this case). And were they not teased as children for such unusual names?
      I also wonder that he didn't go by the name Matthew instead?

  3. His mother was Mary Anketell, and each of his children had Anketell in their name somewhere.

  4. anketell? weird name!
    i like the obelisk with the wreath so almost casually on top of it...

  5. Weird names often have really interesting history. Only it can't be found out!

  6. Find out here http://trove.nla.gov.au/list?id=68408 .
    My Great grandfather knew him, innumerable entries in his diary.

  7. Find out at http://trove.nla.gov.au/list?id=68408
    Was my great grandfather's favourite Melbourne preacher, about diary entries.

  8. He was my third great grandfather and was the first Anketell Matthew Henderson, the fourth A.M.H., my mother's uncle died a few days ago. Also, my grandmother, my aunt and my mother have/had Anketell as their second names - my generation is the first to have no Anketell in their names.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Suzi. I'm glad you found this post.
      I guess once one generation has ended the naming tradition, it will be lost forever for future generations.

    2. And, I am sorry for your loss.

  9. He was my great, great grandfather.

    I knew that he had died in Toronto but thought that it was as result of being thrown from a horse (perhaps while ill)

    My name is Anketell Matthew Henderson also but have been call Matt all my life. My father and his father (also Anketell Matthew Henderson) were called Tell. My father and I were both teased about Anketell, Violet, but only enough to mildly annoy me.

    Anketell is an old Viking name and means master of the pot.

    I have a fair bit of information about him, his ancestors and descendants.

    1. Well, if I ever thought there was little point in posting these found gravestones, you and Suzi and Stephen Arnold have proved me wrong!
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment with your stories of your name!

    2. Yes, and glad I did, thank you, Steve A.


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