Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunday Stamps

from Brazil 
I have a few of these stamps of useful professions 

a carpenter 

and a cobbler 

and from the US, these stamps that admonish the public

see Viridian's Blog for other stamps that show something useful


  1. The USA doesn't seem to have listened to the recycling message - at least in the places where I've been. I've not seen these stamps before. Like those from Brazil.

  2. The stamps from Brazil have such wonderful graphics.
    I was thinking along the same lines as Bob re. US and not being so green, and that was before I read his comment. :)

  3. I like the Brazilian series of professions so vibrant, not seen the carpenter before. Looks like the US post is into recycling at least.

  4. Some people do recycle and make an effort (our family does), but I know - most Americans do not follow these practical hints. Thank you for participating!!

  5. Just putting out there that we are an American household that also recycles and uses reusable grocery bags. Our city is even thinking of completely banning plastic bags by next year but...this is an unusually 'green city' compared to much of the US! I do agree that, unfortunately, there are many areas of the US where families do not understand the importance of conservation and green living...but being someone that has recycled and eaten organic foods for about 15 years I have seen a quickly increasing interest in this within the US so I think people are slowly but surely catching on as the new generation moves forward.

    Thank you for sharing these stamps...just found this blog today via 'Oh, Write Me!' blog.

  6. We've been recycling for what seems like forever...I also have a few of the Brazilian profession stamps.

  7. ive always found nice those Brazilian stamps, so just not sure if i have them all :)
    the US series is actually cool....unfortunately, here in Macedonia, recycling is not wide spread at all..there have been some attempts, but in the end seems like the municipalities responsible for all that, just give up and it is all back to the ordinary :(

  8. I do have some of the Brazilian stamps but I didn't take in what they were about. We have to recycle our rubbish but it hasn't been a very concentrated effort until recently. I was talking to an American friend years ago, in the 90s, and was impressed by the recycling they did at the time.

  9. I had also in mind the Brazilian stamps, but you were faster. :)

  10. I have four of that brazilian stamps that have 4 different profession and I like it.Maybe in the future theme I'll be able to sue it.
    - My Sunday Stamp:Useful


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