Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Stamps

It is exciting to come home and find a dozen postcards in my mailbox and to carefully choose the cards to send away to others, but this Postcrossing has become an expensive business. I was glad to discover that sometimes cards can be found cheaper at the post office. Ones that are already stamped "for mailing in Canada and delivery anywhere in the world".
So, while away last week I, perhaps annoyingly, insisted on seeking out a post office in every town we drove through. Many locations didn't have any stock as there isn't much demand for postcards.
Personally, I think Canada Post should make more of an effort to create more of these cards and promote them. Maybe even come up with seasonal postcards as there used to be back in the early 1900s. They could give Hallmark and Carlton cards a run for the money - head to your nearest postal outlet for your Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Birthday, new baby, congratulations postage paid postcards instead of going to the card shop.

An overseas stamp costs $1.80. These cards cost $1.89 (plus tax). What a deal (if you can find them)
For Viridian's Postcard Blog, I have chosen these rare specimens (click on picture for a bigger view)

above we have a maxi card from 2012 celebrating 100 years of the Calgary Stampede.
below is another western themed card from 2011 celebrating 100 years of Parks Canada 
Interestingly, a recent address request brought up a Postcrosser from Slovenia who mentioned in her profile an interest in "all things cowboy culture". 
The Stampede is about as cowboy culture as you can get!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful bargain. Happy Hunting:-)

  2. I love that Parks stamp. Is that a Golden Eagle or something bigger and more specifically Canadian??

  3. That sounds a good idea, plus given that they are hard to find, the cards may end up being more collectible in years to come.

  4. Great cards and stamps to go with them.

  5. I too understand that Postcrossing can get expensive. I can have up to 34 cards traveling at once - that is a lot of postage.
    Thanks for participating.

  6. I wish our post office would include postage on the postcards they produce. Only if it's a bargain like yours though.

    If you contact me - daily.postcard at gmail - letting me know your address, I'll send you one of those Olympic postcards.

  7. I used to use those pre-stamped postcard when i was in Canada,but then I realized that some postcrossers doesn't like it bec they also collect stamps.I stop sending it since then.
    I've been looking for that 100 parks celebration postcard but i've never seen one in Windsor.
    My Sunday Stamp Entry


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