Monday, September 15, 2014

a room with a view

I spent a week in Amsterdam.
this was my hotel. the arched window on the top was my room
this is a better shot of the whole hotel that I ripped off the internet because the trees obscured my photo. it was way more charming than anything a big Marriott could offer.

I was quite pleased with my room. It was a large single with a small wet room as a shower/toilet. Apart from the nuisance of 80% of the floor getting wet whenever I had a shower, I rather liked the simplicity of the design and not having to get into a bathtub or claustrophobic cubicle.
It also had those cool windows that opened fully, unencumbered by screens. The headboard of the (lovely and generous 3/4 size and not a standard twin) bed, however, got in the way of my flinging them open in a dramatic fashion. Probably just as well, really - I'd likely have cracked my skull open on it as they were never shut (it was far too warm in that room!)
The best part of the room though, was the view.
Here was my first photo taken within minutes of arriving. 
Love the rainbow!
and over to the left..... the Rijksmuseum!
and, because you know I love to take the same view in varying lights... 
here it is again. (yes, I leaned out that window every day and took a shot of the rooftops)
I miss having someone making up my bed every day for me.


  1. Love, love, LOVE Amsterdam! Lucky you to spend an entire week there - and it looks like you had fantastic weather.

    1. We had fantastic weather! I'm already planning a return visit.....

  2. It's so nice staying in one place that you make your 'home' when traveling. I can really relate to taking the same view over a number of days. It will always be 'your' view now! :-)

    1. if - when - I go back I'll have to request Rm 314!

  3. ooooooh nice!!
    well, i live in amsterdam now too... :)
    and those things you describe; exactly! for 3 years i wondered why we had a bathtub in the usa. and most hotel rooms as well. and we secretly removed one of the screens on our windows. i just needed to stick my head out every now and then....

    1. nice to see you again! I've been following your posts in my reader...


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