Sunday, December 27, 2015

a prince and a polar bear

One of my favourite stamps is this 1998 $2 polar bear. The same image also appeared on the new $2 coin
the corner block features a paw print and the halftone litho dots in the icon of the bear.

Taken from the Canada Post website, 
... polar bears have unique rounded shoulders and pronounced brow ridges. Their necks, skulls and noses are elongated and their muzzles are aquiline.  Large paws help polar bears distribute their weight while walking on thin ice.  Their front legs act as water propellers while their hind limbs function as rudders.  The white fur helps it blend into the arctic background and has special features for cold weather adaptation; it is translucent and transmits ultraviolet radiation to keep the skin warm. 

and for something completely different
I'm quite taken with this stamp - for a variety of reasons which include 
  • it's from a state that no longer exists (it was established in 1549 and disestablished in 1967 and  is now part of Yemen)
  • it has Arabic script, plus an English explanation of the miniature painting Reading Young Prince, 16th century. Unfortunately I cannot find much about this painting except that it is Persian from the Safavid period
  • turquoise is my favourite colour (and also a favourite of the Persians) and from an aesthetic point of view it pleases me that the prince's robes match his pillow and rug
  • how can you not love that fanciful head gear?!
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  1. Great choices, but I really like the polar bear... and the fact that they used polar bear icons for the color dots. Stunning stamp.

  2. Love the polar bear including the paw print.

  3. He's a pretty lad for sure....I think I like the polar bear best.

  4. Canada posts sheet decorations are always so sweet.


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