Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Island

In 1977 Christmas Island issued this souvenir sheet of
 The Twelve Days of Christmas
there is a nice bottom frame with the music, but what I particularly like is, 
that for the seventh day, there are seven black swans a swimming.

So named because it was founded on Christmas Day in 1643, 
it consists of a solitary island in the Indian Ocean and is closer to the Indonesian island of Java than to Australia, of which it is a territory (since 1958)
only 12 days until Christmas!
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  1. This is a gorgeous set of stamps. I really like that each number has its own stamp.

  2. This is a really original stamp, love it!

  3. Beautiful and so much better than the 12 days shown on GB stamps years ago.

    Thanks for dating my Canadian stamps.

  4. Lovely sheet. They have produced some great stamps over the years for Christmas.


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