Monday, November 13, 2017

Inglis Falls

For Jo's Monday Walk, I'm taking you to a waterfall I visited in early September. It was late in the day and the setting sun was strongly not in my favour

The Mill is no longer at Inglis Falls in Owen Sound, having burned down in 1946

but the Sydenham River is still flowing, 

as you can see, there is a perfectly good walkway with a slightly higher than knee ledge with a good view over the waterfall,
but there's always a few who eschew the laws of sense and must step off the path

looking up over the horizon

looking down over the top of the falls (from the walkway)

some more people who couldn't resist the risk and climbed over the rocks beyond the viewing deck

now, had they just stayed on the boardwalk for a few more metres – maybe two metres at most –  they would have found a much better and less obstructed view. after taking his photos, he turned and left for the parking lot;  she climbed through the rails of the deck, opting out of using the accessible steps just to her left.

three years ago, when I was last up this way, the water flow was a little less...
which was no less fascinating to see

turning away from the view of the falls, and trying not to trip on the path, there is an enchanting – and at times amusing – array of tree roots climbing over and around the rocks of the Niagara Escarpment


  1. Old mills are great places, as your photos show.

  2. ...those tree roots remind of hiking in the Adirondacks.

  3. What a fabulous spot, Violet! Thanks so much for taking me there. :) :)

  4. Such a lovely place for walking. The falls are beautiful!

  5. That’s a lovely place to walk. Sadly, you always get idiots (there were memorial plaques to some of them at Falls we visited this summer).


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