Tuesday, November 14, 2017

street signs - Upper Paradise

On Hamilton Mountain is the delightfully named 
Upper Paradise Road
unfortunately, it is not as paradisiacal as it sounds
it is a main thoroughfare and is a mix of commercial, retail and residential
at the furthest south end the homes become quite opulent
although for the most part the homes are more modest
and at the other end, where Upper Paradise begins

is the first house

with a lookout over the lower city
Upper Paradise Road got its name from its alignment with Paradise Road in the lower city, which got its name from  its end point at Cootes Paradise (a wetland in the Royal Botanical Gardens). 

21st in my continuing (very sporadic) series of street signs 


  1. ...I like the view from afar!

  2. Street names can be so misleading sometimes 😀 Beautiful autumn colours VS ✨

  3. Hello, the last shot is lovely, beautiful view. Nice houses. Have a happy day!

  4. Who wouldn't want an address that says you live on Upper Paradise?!

  5. I would love to peak around the first home in Paradise!

  6. Interesting origin for the street name. And this country gal always prefers to observe the 'big' cities from afar. Thanks for sharing this corner of the world.

  7. Nice road name. Beautiful view in the last picture.

  8. What a lovely address to have! As long as I can live in the first house.

  9. Love 'Cootes Paradise'....that is a beautiful view the one house has!


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