Friday, June 5, 2009

and we're back

It was really quite a lovely week - weatherwise - while my computer was inside having the trojans kicked out of it. I hate hot weather anyway, so was happy with the cool-ish, almost fall-ish temps. Perfect for walking. So that's what I did. When I wasn't sitting on my balcony drinking tea and reading a book. A book!
And sometimes I took photos. Lordy did I take photos. Usually, I upload them every day so it doesn't seem like quite so many. Once a week, and suddenly I had 578!

Yesterday, I met up with some buddies having a picnic. By the time I parked the car and found them again, they had ventured into the lake to shake off the dust.

they were bobbing around in the waves

playing a confusing game of follow the leader

until some alpha Mama decided it was Time

"but, I don't wanna get out of the water....."

"follow me everyone and remember to always look left

then right"

"this darn molting is itchy"
"oh oh, Gordy, the paparazzi is here"
"okay, here is my beach shot"

"pssst, wanna see what the big kids are eating?"

"Mama, my feet are too big, I keep tripping"

keep 'em entertained, they're whining again

mmm mmm good grass over here

Did you miss me?
Will check out what you've all been up to ... later
It's another damn fine day to be outside.

Oh, and remember to click on images to embiggen.


  1. Great that you kept following this one lost looking duckie - gave you some very expressive pics!
    Well, I'll say close to 600 pics is quite a collection!!

  2. Ooooooooooohhhhhh how cute!!!

  3. Teehee, that was fun.

    That's a lot of photos! Hope the computer is A-1 now.

  4. Hi Violet,
    I see my ducks have some distant relatives !

    Happy days

  5. Jeannette: they were full of expression, this lot!

    Jazz: aren't they?! and I couldn't get over how many there were - at least 15-20 adults and about 50 adolescents and juveniles.

    Ruth: computer seems to be fine, though much slower with the new security thing. I did go out on some photo hunts and just kept snapping away - you know, take seven of each subject just in case....

    Delwyn: these are Canada Geese - disgustingly filthy creatures, yet beautiful (except when they are moulting!)

  6. I have them all over around the 666BBHS, but not as many babies this year. You've done a great job with this story. It would make a great picture book.

  7. That series of photos and captions is adorable. I agree with Robin: it would make a wonderful picture book. I could do the French version for you. "Maman, mes pattes sont trop grosses! Je tr├ębuche tout le temps!"

    (and of course we all missed you!)

  8. Love those geese! We have Canada gesse on our lake, but can only rustle up 3 babies from among them. But papa goose is really fierce - don't think I could follow them around with a camera!

    You take wonderful photos - when are we going to see the other 500 or so? :)

  9. Hi Violet, I miss you when you're gone, even if it is only a relatively short while.

    At least the ducks got to enjoy your company. The little ones are very cute. Too bad they have to grow up, huh? Little animals are always so endearing.

  10. A pleasure to see you back Violet.

    It's been a busy month for viruses and trojans, but I hope your new security software will keep you up and running (yes, it often does cause a minor slowdown)

    Your duck series reminded me of Antwerp city park: we even got the same unpredictable weather (30°C/90°F last Monday, hardly reaching 15°C/60°F today)

  11. Welcome home, great gosling shots!!

  12. Welcome back, Sanna! Those shots and captions WOULD make a great children's book! I think you should go for it!

    BTW, did you get any shots of the great gobs of goose poop?!!!! LOL

  13. I missed you. I was about to send out a Canadian blogger search party. I love these pics and your captions are funny. Welcome back!

  14. Great post! Really well thought out.

    CJ xx

  15. Yes, I missed you. Those awkward little ones are too cute; but they still leave all those cigar-poops all over the park

  16. Robin: apart from this group, I haven't seen many goslings here either. And thanks.

    Pinklea: perfect - a bilingual Geese storybook!

    Gilly: I think these must be very used to humans seeing as they live on a bike path and the only beach in town. careful what you wish for, I might come to your house and bore you with my slideshow!

    Irene: aw, thanks, I missed you too. and the adolescents sure look funny with their moulting into adulhood.

    Peter: this slowness is especially annoying as I just upgraded and was assured it would be faster - I think I just cancelled it out.

  17. Ed: thanks. these guys are hard to capture - very fast critters they are!

    Susan: did you notice ALL the shots were taken from ABOVE? no kneeling on grass to get eye level closeups!

    Geewits: thanks. now, if only I had been on a holiday like yours...

    Crystal: thanks, it was fun to do.

    XUP: at least the stubbies are noticeable. it is a huge problem.

  18. I love the geese. Never thought the little ones could be so cute.

  19. Guillaume: I didn't realize how expressive they could be! I think I'll make it part of my daily walk to see how they are growing.


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