Saturday, June 13, 2009

PhotoHunt Saturday - locks

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This weekend we are having a community yard sale.
With roughly 320 apartments between our two buildings
there should be some good finds.
Oh yeah, instead of clearing out my locker,
I took photos of the variety of locks I found.
find more locks of interest at PhotoHunt


  1. that's quite interesting..I mean, I haven't seen so many locks before and I could just imagine seeing the real thing hanged like that...a real conversation piece!

  2. We have a bit box of keys. No locks, just keys that don't fit anything.

    Now that gives me an idea for a photo.........

  3. Oh my goodness!!!!!! Wow.

    Here is's also a bit 'native american'!!

    Click Here

  4. Great collection of interesting Locks.
    Well done PH post

  5. I have a box of keys and one day I'll figure out what locks they belong too. They must belong to the apartment, because that's when these spare ones started to show up.

    Did it make you kind of nutty, all those pictures of locks?

  6. A very creative collage. All those locks and yet the piece as a whole looks friendly and welcoming -- sort of coy like "guess what I have behind my back"

  7. That is a cool collage, great set for this week's theme!

  8. Great collection of locks! :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  9. What a really great arrangement of locks... on different lockers I presume. There is one on the left, the third row down just over one from the edge that looks quite old and very different. Great collage!
    Mine is up here.

  10. Char: I felt suddenly inspired

    deandean: I hadn't ever thought about how many different locks there were. this collage actualy looks better tahn the real thing (dark, musty locker/storage rooms)

    Meggie: thanks

    Gilly: I'll look out for your interpretation - why do we never throw out old keys, eh?

  11. Hootin Annie: thanks for visiting

    TorAa: thanks, I haven't done a photohunt in awhile, good to be back.

    Susan: it was fun to do

    Irene: yes, a bit and I had to cut several locks as I took too many photos!

  12. XUP: thanks - I hadn't thought of it that way, hmmm.....

    Tara R: thanks, great theme to work with, so many interpretations

    Vita: thanks

    SRP: YES, I love that one too!! I took my camera into every locker room and just snapped away (hoping no one would run into me and wonder...)

  13. What a stunning collection of locks! Each is unique, making for a great variety.

    Pinopolis Lock:

    Sherry at EX Marks the Spot

  14. What a great collage! As to the community yard sale - I would have done the same thing!:-)

  15. that's a great selection of locks. great take for the theme.

  16. Sherry: who knew there was such a variety in locks?

    RJ: weeell, I went to the yard sale (and bought stuff, damn)

    Life Ramblings: one is never enough.

    Mudhooks: haha - love that word!

    AV: and it took so much time I never did clear out my locker. brilliant strategy.

  17. What a great collection of locks ~ good job. Thanks you for your visit to my blog.

  18. Jeannette: sometimes, I can't help myself

    Vicki: thanks

  19. What a great idea for a collage! You are very creative:)


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