Saturday, June 19, 2010

having a bit of fun all by myself

I thought about heading over to the Sound of Music Festival, but it is such a popular event that the thought of the crowds kept me back.

In the end, there was quite the show going on that I could see from my balcony.

It has been hot and humid here all day
see how lovely it is over the waterfront.

But wait, what is this....

moving in from the northwest
fast moving clouds

with the strains of music wafting through the air from the various stages providing background accompaniment
the clouds soon got a little more threatening as they headed for the park

as they do for the Sound of Music weekend with its open air stages
for every year, with the screams of the crowd as accompaniment

it rains

then, as suddenly as it came, the clouds moved on
and a rainbow appeared

then the clouds came back and it rained some more

this went on for some time, well about an hour.
all in all we had at least three different outbursts of rain and as many rainbows.

and I got enough sky shots to fill up every SkyWatchFriday posting for the rest of the year.

Eventually, the sun was setting and it was time to go inside to watch Dr Who save humanity.


  1. What beautiful pictures!!

  2. It's all fascinating: the movement of the clouds, the appearance of rain, the setting of the sun. Beautiful shots!

  3. It's like ten different evenings in one day! Beautiful shots, Sanna!

    I would love to attend that Festival! I already know all the words!

  4. I think it's wonderful that you were able to enjoy all of it...the views, the wafting music...the rainbows. What a feast.

  5. beautiful shots - sounds like a great time!! beautiful rainbows always make my day.

  6. Fantastic movement of the clouds there to compliment the screaming echo of the Sound of Music enthusiasts. Glad you can hear them from where you are!

    Thanks for the music - I mean the visit.

  7. SueAnn: thanks

    DUTA: this was all in the space of about 75 minutres!

    Susan: it was quite impressive. and this is a music festival so there are many different acts and five different stages.

    June: and no crowds!

    Char: I was a little surprised to see the different rainbows. they were a bit faint, unfortunately.

    Bonnie: mostly it is a clash of noise, but sometimes, if the wind is right...
    I just had to share!

  8. Some great shots there; the changing weather does indeed give us much fodder.

    CJ xx

  9. Crystal: thanks. since getting this camera, I have become ridiculously obsessed with the cloud watching!

  10. Fantastic photos - I like especially the last tree:)

  11. was it really the "Sound of music" as in Sound of music? I don't like crowds,so I won't have gone too.

    My girls used to watch Sound of music of often, that I can remember all the sounds by heart.

    The colourful clouds are fantastic.

  12. this is a free music festival with dozens of performers at five main stages in the park and several smaller stages set up along the street. (click on link in post to see if you recognize any names!)

    I went this afternoon and it wasn't as crowded as I'd feared, although the evening performances for Fri and Sat are always jam packed.

  13. Wonderful pictures.
    I to live in Ontario (Southern)and also am a member of Postcrossing. I really enjoyed reading your blog.
    Have a good day.

  14. Wow! Those are some incredible skies all in a day! Very much in transition...great skies you have there. Much more interesting than ours! Thanks for stopping by at my SWF post.

  15. That's a bucnh of crazy weather changes. The pictures are outstanding!

  16. Loved your screaming crowd accompaniement! As well as the passing cloud show of course.

  17. Terry: welcome! (did you check out my other blog? I have a photo of a bridge in your town for the Sunday meme)

    Linnea: I enjoyed watching the transition (in a safe covered porch!)

    Geewits: thanks. seriously, I took over 150!!!!

    Linda: I could certainly tell exactly when the rain fell in the park - which was slightly before it fell in our yard.

    Joo: sorry, I missed you - thanks (it's always nice to know which one is a favourite!)

  18. You have a very sweet spot there on your balcony. Such a great view and location. You could become a hermit and still not miss a thing! And such gorgeous photos!

  19. XUP: I love my location, but I may need to move up a floor or two - those trees keep growing and blocking my view of the lake!

  20. Great capture! Really beautiful.

  21. Thanks for sharing the progression of the sky -beautiful! -you had your own private movie! No need to go to the Sound of Music festival:)

  22. Gina: I missed you - so sorry. thank you!

    Jeannette: this is when I really love living in a highrise building!


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