Sunday, October 23, 2011

a happy day in NZ

I am not a rugby fan, but I am a New Zealand fan.
And three cheers to the All Blacks for winning the World Cup, at home!!

Finally. Despite being perennial favourites every year, they have not won the cup since the last time NZ hosted, which was the first World Cup, in 1987.

This poor battered country needs something to cheer about after the devastation of the earthquakes and oil spills. Not that this win will really change things, but it does give a boost to a nation that needs some happy news.

Party on NZ!


  1. Aarrgh!
    I should have known better: Porsche Guy PVRed the match and we haven't yet watched it, and then I decided to catch up on my blog reading just now. Apparently the watching of the match should have happened first ... oh well - yay New Zealand!

  2. I watched the match and enjoyed it thoroughly. France did a good job too, though. They were just about equals. But yes, it's nice that New Zealand won.

  3. Good news certainly won't hurt anything!

    Congratulations, New Zealand.

  4. Congrats to New Zealand!! Super!

  5. I know a few Kiwis who are very happy!

  6. That's something good for a nice little country going through so much.

  7. There is that beautiful thing that happens when an event pulls an entire nation together; it creates an awesome kind of powerful positive energy. Well done, All Blacks!

  8. I almost had a heart attack. They won by just one point!

  9. How nice of you to cheer us on! It was a nailbiting final, and I have vowed never to watch again!!

  10. good on you Violet. I have to pop over and see my Mum soon...I hope it doesn't shake when we are there...funny that when growing up in Christchurch we never dreamed of earthquakes in fact it wasn't even known that CHCH was on a faultline til these big quakes.
    We had dinner with an old school friend of mine last night who was at the CHCH airport on the day of the big quake. They said the noise was so loud it sounded like a jet was about to crash through the terminal...very scary.


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