Monday, October 17, 2011

I have never wanted to run a marathon

As I drag my feet along the relatively comfortable carpeted and warm halls of the apartment buildings, this man is smiling up at me from the newspaper. 
He is my new hero. It took him almost 8 1/2 hours to finish, but he did it. And it was a miserable, cool, wet, windy day on Sunday, but at age 100, he completed a full marathon. 

He belongs to a running group of elders called Sikhs in the City [now isn't that a great name?!] and they are all in agreement about why they've managed to stay so healthy: a positive frame of mind, keeping the company of people who are forward looking, not indulging in any excesses, appreciating what God has provided them with and keeping active.
"I do not consider myself to be old. From the moment I do that, I would lose everything, because age is a state of mind - as long as you're positive you can do anything" says Fauja Singh. 'I go to bed early taking the name of my Rabba [God] as I don't want all those negative thoughts crossing my mind.'
His next goal? To carry the torch at the 2012 Olympics.


  1. Marathon running? Goodness gracious, No. Leave such ambitions and events to other people. There are plenty of other things to enjoy and achievements to consider and undertake.

  2. I was impressed and humbled by this, too. What great spirit.

  3. Good grief. I'm with you on running marathons, that is, not running them. But I gladly applaud this heroic gentleman and his fellow Sikhs in the City.

  4. I do have to say that I'm impressed and I wonder if I could do it in eight hours. I could probably walk in in that much time given a good pair of shoes. But at that age? That's really something. I have to better my life and empty my head of all things but God.

  5. I have no interest in running marathons either, but the guy's attitude is pretty wonderful.

    And did you hear about the woman who ran the Chicago marathon just recently at 39 weeks pregnant. She went to the hospital that might and had the baby. She said it was "a long day." No kidding!

  6. SAW: yes I did! she was either foolish or amazing.

    Nora: I'm not sure how much running he actually did for the last few hours, but he was still standing after reaching the finish line!

    LGS: it is amazing what one can accomplish with a few fellow kindred spirits to go with you.

    Jabblog: I was glad to learn so much more about him.

    Persiflage: well, running does seem a good way to ward off boredom (when you move to a new country in your 80s!) I admire your learning of Italian.

  7. Yeah!!! Good for them!!

  8. Isn't he great. I have seen him in the papers before, but didn't know anything about his attitudes. That's what makes it inspirational.

  9. What a tough old coot! But from that picture, he doesn't look like he's having much fun.

  10. Geewits: well, he did just spend 8 hours getting through a marathon. at least he didn't collapse at the finish line!

    Jack: makes most of us look a little like underachievers!

    Beastie: most of this information I got from previous interviews (from the Guardian and HinduTimes)

    SueAnn: having running buddies really helps, I think

  11. I ran the quarter marathon 7 years ago. and I was 50 then. It was quite a feat. But this man, incredible.

  12. This guy is awesome! We need more people like him in society!

    Way to go SINC!


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