Tuesday, October 11, 2011

it was hotter than texas*

This might be our new catch-phrase, to replace the more cumbersome "it is hotter than the last time it was this hot at Thanksgiving" (which was about 3 years ago). It was also more humid than any October weekend should be. A friend of mine described how she spent all day Saturday scooping the leaves out of the pool instead of draining it. She did this while in the pool. As we sat outside, watching the thermometer and waiting for that magic number that would break the records (it got up to 28C) and as we ate our turkey and stuffing and roasted vegetables, I thought, this must be almost what it is like at Christmas in Australia and New Zealand. If you squinted against the bright sunlight you could almost imagine that the bright yellow leaves of the maples were instead, big blossoms.

All in all, it was a perfect weekend for walking through the forest or
driving around the countryside looking for fall colours and taking in the studio tour seeking out interesting artisans. Or getting lost finding the poorly signed studios. Not lost, really, I was familiar with the area having lived there for a time, but the signs on these long country concession roads were a little confusing and I ended up a little disoriented. And looking at the brochure, I discovered that GPS co-ordinates were provided in place of addresses! At one point, I just gave up and had some ice cream.

Later, while the turkey was merrily roasting and before the rest of the clan arrived, I decided to go sailing. Last year Orillia had the guitars, this year the street art was sails. Sixty of them. They had been up all summer, but this was my first opportunity to get a chance to find them all, or most of them.

some of them had different designs on the other side

sail on over to my other blog here for more pics

* the news kept making a big deal out of the fact that some cities here were hotter than Dallas, like that was a benchmark of some sort.


  1. I've always wondered: What's the theme for Thanksgiving in Canada? I mean, here in the U.S., as you might know, it's about the whole Pilgrims getting along with Indians thing, but what's the idea behind it in th Great White North? ;-)

    Hope all is well.

  2. It's lovely that you had such warm temperatures for Thanksgiving. Does that mean you will have an especially cold winter or do you know? And yes, what is the idea behind your Thanksgiving? Possibly it is the same as in the USA, isn't it? Or was it just an old custom like the harvest fest brought over from England? XOX

  3. Our Thanksgiving has nothing to do with the pilgrims
    though annoyingly, I remember having to put up with all those Pilgrim and Mayflower stories at school.
    Now, conventional wisdom states that it is due to Martin Frobisher who gave thanks for a safe passage to Newfoundland in 1578. I doubt he ate any turkey or pumpkin pie.

  4. And here I am in CA, missing this while it's 38 degrees...

  5. Happy Blated Thanksgiving, we had the turkey here too. we had a beautiful weekend and were happy with sunny and fifteen. your photos are lovely, hugs to you.

  6. Sounds so yummy!!! The air is so crisp and clean here too! Love it
    The sails are beautiful!!

  7. Loved your title. I was just in North Carolina and all day Sunday I kept saying, "This is bizarre, it's hotter than Texas!"

  8. Jazz: and no-one feels sorry for you!

    Cinner: thanks. where'd your blog move??

    SueAnn: I wish my city did something fun like this.

    SAW: thanks. your turn will come soon enough.

    Geewits: during the summer's insanely hot heat wave, there was always some wag who would compare our temperature to what was happening in Texas/Dallas. In fact, I think I even remember that happening during one of your freak snowstorms... it is obviously a trend now.

  9. Ha! It was warm and great for driving around the countryside. :)

  10. Learn something every day! I had no idea that Canada had a Thanksgiving Day.
    With summer coming up fast, I am not looking forward to the hot and humid days.

  11. The weather right across the world seems bizarre this year - either too hot, too cold, too wet or too dry in places where it shouldn't have been!

    Love those sails!

  12. yes, Christmas is so hot here, that some people want to celebrate Christmas in July.


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