Monday, January 30, 2012

grave post #5

We had a bit of a blizzard yesterday afternoon and everything looked so lovely with all that freshly falling snow, so I made a detour into the cemetery to get some wintry scenes of gravestones for this post.  
the gold lettering stood out in this stone and the snow on the trees looked much whiter against the darkening sky than this picture shows
It was challenging to get anything that looked like a good shot since I wasn't about to actually get out of my car... I drove around following tire tracks that were barely visible looking for something photogenic. I stopped a few times... and had trouble getting going again as it was hillier than I realized. And with near white out conditions, I was completely disoriented so I just kept following these tire tracks - which in all likelihood could have been my own - until I finally saw the large building of the crematorium and could get my bearings back out onto the street.

There are three names on the black stone in the foreground. When I zoomed in after I uploaded the photos I saw what had been inscribed and in case I can't find this again I will share them here, now.

no surname and I guess it could be on the other side of the stone


the first name on the left is 
Margeurite Ruth 
July 10, 1914 - Dec 10, 2005
fun and loving 
a rose

below Margeurite, her husband
James John Elwin
Jan 20 1912 -  Sept 12, 1994
quiet and wise

and off to the right, their daughter
Patricia Grace
May 20, 1950 - Sept 25, 1953
so sweet so good 
so young

the lettering for Patricia and the IN LOVING MEMORY is done in a faded yellow while the parents names 
are done in white. it seems odd that Margeurite's name is on top as she was was the one who lived 
the longest.

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  1. I'm not sure I would have been as determined as you in that weather.

    Great photos, the snow adds drama.

  2. I like the atmosphere created by the snow.

  3. A beautiful snowy scene for sure, it is odd that the oldest was on top of the stone normally its on the bottom of the stone!!

  4. Nice shots. A quick tip, if I may, for shooting in the snow: All cameras are designed to meter for 18% gray as 'normal' white; when confronted with scenes such as these, you need to overexpose by 1/2 to one full stop over normal to get a nice clean white.

  5. That last shot is just beautiful. So peaceful in its cloak of white. The words just heartbreaking.

  6. Those few thoughtful words about each member of the family is a nice touch. I wonder if there is still someone left for that bottom right corner.

  7. You are very brave and determined battling the elements to get these unusual photos! An amazing atmosphere of the stone details - especially the last photo with the leaning boughs - set in falling snow! But the words on the stones are so intimate and sweet with a sad sense of yearning!

  8. I had a little chuckle as I read of your exploits, Sanna. Such dedication to the cause! Especially the following of tyre tracks!!

    This is the sort of cemetery I will never experience, here in Australia. YOu know what would be great? When winter turns to spring, for you to return and re-photograph Marguerite's marker, referencing this post # 5. I find those simple phrases about each person so affecting. Especially the words for Patricia Grace. I have only seen the more empty/pompous lines that seem to predominate: loved by all, etc.

    Thanks for continuing to continue, Sanna. I love your work.

  9. Wow! Braving the elements to capture those great photos was worthwhile.
    Great post.

  10. I am envious of your snow. Not so envious of the idea of following my own tyre tracks round and round (like Winnie the Pooh and the Woozle) with the crematorium as the final destination...

    Those words on the headstone are heartbreaking. Children's gravestones can move me to tears, no matter how old the headstone. I wonder if Patricia Grace has a sister or brother still living.

  11. so different with the snow. Lovely.

  12. Lovely post. Your last photo is absolutely smashing. The treeless willow in the background really appeals to me. Brava!

  13. Beautifully atmospheric and thoughtful. What a great idea for today's contribution!

  14. Thanks for going to so much trouble. These are beautiful and something we don't see here.

  15. Somehow a cemetary looks so nice in the snow. Everything is covered with a white blanket and makes it very peaceful. The couple has lived very long but sadly lost a daughter so very young.

  16. pretty, with all the snow!
    im a little jealous, hardly any snow here in boston..

  17. the snow is all gone now. it was very short-lived.

  18. Lovely! Glad you didn't get stuck, leading to the confusing headline "woman found dead in cemetery" :)


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