Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Stamps

Standard issues are the theme for this week's stamps. 
We seem to have moved on from the Queen to the flag as a standard issue and I already showed examples of the the flag fluttering over various parts of the country

So, here is the Queen. I like this one where she is smiling and looks happy. It is also almost in the usual profile pose.

Like these examples from 1958.
Stamps weren't quite so informal then. And they all seemed to be the same style but with different colours to signify the different denominations.
You will notice that she is showing her right side

whereas these examples of George V are showing his left side.

 and they are in shades of red and green, perfect for the Christmas card they sent.

and for those still enamoured - the future king
not showing either profile. I thought the profile changed with each monarch and there was some question as to which side William would show depending on whether Charles took the crown. But maybe that is an issue for the money and not the stamps, as I noticed in my research that George VI was mostly shown looking straight ahead, not in profile. Shame I don't have any of those stamps.


  1. I notice the queen is wearing a different tiara! Sorry, I've been visiting the Order of Sartorial Splendor and tiara Thursdays lately.

  2. The Queen looks a lot friendlier on the first stamp.

  3. So, it seems Canada chooses the opposite profiles, or maybe it's random. It's definitely not the same convention as the UK uses (and I didn't know that before today :) ).

    My sister sent me the William and Kate stamp on my Christmas card, but I haven't seen the one with the queen in a hat before.

  4. Great Britain stamps always has the monarch facing. On our present coins the Queen faces right; I don't know whether the profile changes on coins when the monarch changes. I donn't have any old coins to check.
    Your Queen stamp is so informal that it looks superb.

  5. This whole issue of which direction the monarch faces has me a bit obsessed for some reason! I have a George VI penny and he is facing left.

  6. I too seem to remember that the directions are supposed to alternate, though this might just have been with coins?

    What a heartbreaking gravestone in your previous post.

  7. I don't know about alternating profiles and am not aware of that beiong a custom in this country. I will start paying attention to it and see if I can find out.

  8. Isn't that funny - she has been reigning for so long that none of us remember the protocols! I was hoping you could enlighten us on the Dutch way, Nora. I was also wondering how it is you don't seem to put Beatrix on your stamps?

  9. We do aometimes, but not too often. I guess we're not so crazy about that kind of thing. The queen appears mostly on commemorative coins and plain old run of the mill stamps. Those are not the kind people ask for at the post office.

  10. I like the Queen in the first stamp. And of the last stamp..England's future!

  11. The Monarchy. That is one tradition I just can't wrap my mind around, especially where Canada is concerned.

  12. Nice selection of standard issue stamps. You must have quite the collection.

  13. I like the waving queen, she looks as though she is enjoying herself.


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