Saturday, January 26, 2013

how to see the world

Plans were underway for a trip overseas when my car got a little jealous at the thought of being left behind. I am now paying dearly for the poor thing's hurt feelings. Any trips this year will be with my restored beloved automobile. And probably not very far.

In the meantime, I have been enthralled with the 16x-around-the-world-a-day trip of Chris Hadfield. He is our prolific astronaut twitterer aboard the International Space Station. His tweets have included amazing photos of earth from his office window. I wish I knew how to capture a screen grab, but since I haven't mastered that, go to Commander Hadfield's feed here and see for yourself.

and there is an interview you can see here.

Seriously. Go. Now. There are some great photos of Down Under in honour of Australia Day.


  1. You don't have do a screen grab. You can download the photo to your computer. Used the right mouse button to click on the photo. A tab will open up. Left click on Save Image As... Another screen will pop open. Click on the folder where you want it saved to. Click on Save and you are done. Thanks for the link to Chris Hatfield's feed.

    1. first, I have a Mac, so no right clicking for me. second, I tried saving as, but couldn't get it to open. third, there are too many great photos to choose from....

  2. He's a natural on TV isn't he?

  3. My son had to show me how to do a screen shot on my mac, since I was used to the print screen button of a PC. You press command, shit and 3 at the same time. Nothing intuitive about it. :(

    I've had to forfeit trips for my house becoming angry with me, so I understand.

  4. How wonderful! Seeing our floods from space, having been watching all the TV coverage. It seems the worst is over, thankfully.


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