Friday, January 18, 2013

library then and now

a postcard of the Public Library on Main Street by the Photogelatine Engraving Company of Ottawa
and as it looks today (well, last summer)

It was built between 1909 and 1913 as a Carnegie Library. During a period of (ill-fated) tearing down and modernizing of the downtown, the library moved to the new Jackson Square Mall in 1987. At least this building was saved and completely refurbished to be used as the Unified Family Court House. The building with the clock is the new city hall that was built in 1960 (also on the spot of several torn down buildings).


  1. Looks about the same except for the missing flag standards. Nice to see something preserved and not 'enhanced'.

  2. I love seeing before and after shots. At least the building was saved. Happy PFF!

  3. It's a very handsome building so it's fortunate it wasn't torn down. So much devastation was done in the name of progress, almost everywhere.

  4. Glad the building was saved...nice stamp.
    Have a great weekend

  5. I like that building! So solid, so reassuring. Although not, I guess, if you're the defendant walking through the doors...
    I love that the man in the first photo is all dressed in white shirt and tie, watering the shrubs.

  6. I love these photo comparisons where we get to realize, so long as we don't raze, the past LIVES.

  7. I like this building --- very stately! And how good that it was saved!!!

  8. What a wonderful comparison! I love old buildings--so grateful this one was not torn down.

    Happy PFF!


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