Sunday, September 22, 2013

folk costumes

For Sunday Stamps this week, we have folk costumes. these are only five of the set of eight issued for various regions around Poland in 1969 and designed by graphic designer Stefan Malecki

Krzczonów is a village in southeast Poland

(don't you just love that feather in his cap?)

Łowicz is a small town between Warsaw and Łódź in central Poland
(I like how her braid is swinging!)

Rozbark is a village in Upper Silesia

(I'm sure the hand positions mean something, no?)

Dolnośląsk is Lower Silesia (in Polish) 
the folk costumes are from the Wrocław area

Sącz is a region south of Nowy Sącz.
(that ruffle on her waistband is something I haven't seen before)

I boosted the colour a little to see if it would help make the images clearer, but they are not very crisp to begin with.
one site had dates listed from 1804-1811, but then I thought maybe they weren't dates, but just some sort of stock number. they are all very different from each other and I wish I could find some information on them. but sadly, nothing.


  1. I like the way the people are shown dancing.

  2. These stamps are so special because, per Postcardy, they are featured not only with the traditional costumes but perhaps with the folk dances native from their regions too. I enjoyed looking at all of them and finding the special features you pointed out for each stamp.

    I have a postcard showing Polish folklore and I'll surely link back to this post when I post it.

  3. Lovely colourful stamps.

  4. A wonderful set, love the colourful costumes

  5. Hello Violet,

    Thanks to Maria and you, I'll be looking more carefully the stamps I receive with my postcards. Those are real pieces of art. Great value, great work.

    I love them. The Polka was once so popular in Versailles.

    All my best


  6. I like the apparent dance steps too. Lovely costumes, that I suspect are not worn now adays as Poland is a modern European country. Maybe for special occasions.
    thank you for joining us this week!

  7. The Lowicz swinging braid makes it look a most energetic dance. Lovely stamps, what a variety of costumes Poland has

  8. These make up the set of the week for me. Delightful.

  9. love the colours! and the design! and the playfulness! just beautiful!


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