Wednesday, September 25, 2013

street signs - Ganaraska

It's not always just roads that get a street sign.

If a river runs through your town, it too, may be graced with the same sign as the roads.

In this case, the Ganaraska River cuts through the Town of Port Hope as it makes its way from the Oak Ridges Moraine to Lake Ontario. It is the site of the annual "Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny" - a 10km race (canoe, kayak or any other home-made floatable craft) held every spring to commemorate a devastating flood from 1980.

Ganaraska (Ganaraske) may have been the name of the Cayuga village where Port Hope now sits at the mouth of the river. below is a winter view looking northwards.

if you like trout, this is the river to fish - read about it here   seventh in a series of street signs for signs,signs


  1. Next time I go to to Port Hope I will keep an eye out for the river sign.

  2. What a lovely old building on the right.

  3. I am afraid of water, but even I would take a gander at floating my fanny down the ganny!

  4. What a nice sign for a river. That water certainly looks cold! Don't think I'd want to be paddling my kayak down that in the winter time.

    Visiting from Signs, Signs.


  5. Nice find, you know a sign may be needed. Not everybody is going to know the names of a river.

    1. yes, but usually the signs are a different design from the street signs

  6. the sign too!

  7. as a kid i used to go trout fishing with my grandpa! that's the second reference to my grandpa on blog comments in less than 5 minutes...must be on my mind lol....beautiful photo!

  8. that's interesting - you're right, these river/trail signs are usually different than the street signs. I'll have to look more closely!

  9. What a lovely vintage style sign. The river deserves it. genie

  10. I love it when they put up signs for rivers - I am not always certain which one it might be and I appreciate the help. Love the name of the event.

  11. We have only creeks through the actual town, but hey have a different kind of signage.


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