Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy 147th, Canada

My camera took 147 pictures of the fireworks tonight.
Pure coincidence!
I played around with the settings, held the camera up and pressed the button.
Anyway, I was under no illusions that any would turn out, but some of them are rather cool.


  1. I think they turned out great. We didn't go to see ours this year but we sure heard them. More firepower than ever this year.

  2. They are very cool especially the top two. Happy Canada Day.

  3. Oh these are awesome I did not have to worry about missing last night. Thank you. 147 weird:) Hug B

  4. Wow! Lovely shots...I took a photo a couple of years ago after I had given my girls the longer sparklers...they spelt "Poo" with the flame trail....one of my favourite pix!

  5. Fantastic shots! That first one is purely astounding.

  6. i love fireworks of any kind ... so pretty. ( :


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