Sunday, July 20, 2014

three of seven

While at the stamp fair yesterday, I found these stamps and had to buy them. I'd not remembered seeing them before, but they were issued in 1995 and I wasn't sending out much mail during the mid 90s. 

So, for Sunday Stamps (and for LGS, who was hoping for some Canadian landscapes with last week's post which I disappointed...) here are three artists from The Group of Seven showing landscapes of Northern Ontario.

'From the North Shore, Lake Superior' 
by Lawren Harris, 1923

'Serenity, Lake of the Woods' 
by Frank Johnston, 1922

'A September Gale, Georgian Bay' 
by Arthur Lismer, 1923

These stamps featuring the actual paintings are much prettier than the 'Centennial' series that for some reason don't even mention the artist, though for anyone familiar they would be instantly recognizable. As a comparison here are some examples

The Solemn Land by J.E.H. Macdonald

The Jack Pine by Tom Thomson

The Greenland Mountains by Lawren Harris

(So, I guess it's actually five of seven after my edit)


  1. I didn't know that was called that the centennial series, it was my first introduction to the Group of Seven and although their paintings have appeared on many Canada stamps since I think they are still the most striking.

  2. i find the 1st stamp of lake superior very pretty, such a serene sight i think it would be great to have on one's wall..!

  3. The paintings look nicer in color on the first series, but I like the design of the second series better.

  4. I'd settle for any of these, but find I only have The Greenland Mountains.

  5. Well if you can't afford an original work from the Group of Seven you can at least have the stamps...I've always admired their work.

  6. I can see why you had to buy these stamps, very fine indeed. I particularly like that first one by Harris.

  7. The Harris painting appeal to me too. A great set! thank you for sharing.

  8. Just trying out the comments hoping it works

  9. great stamps! that first one reminds me of some blend of the works of Vladimir Kush and Al Magnus!

  10. I saw some of the Group of Seven paintings in Ottawa when I was there last year. (Is it a year ago already?) I thought they were wonderful.

  11. They are all beautiful!


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