Saturday, August 30, 2008

and then it is all over

Am home again.

Had a shortish sleep before heading back to work, but now, with another holiday weekend upon us, can rest up until Tuesday.

The malevolent gods tried one last time, sending enough thunder and lightning and rain on Kennedy to cause a 5 hour - yes, FIVE HOURS - delay on my 7 1/2 hour flight. Three and a half of which was spent on the plane. The crew knew we must be starving, so eventually brought out the meals, but with a plea from the pilot (as it was against all regulations) that if we got the call to move forward we had to put our tables in the upright position in the seatback ahead and hold our trays in our laps!! (Un)fortunately, we were done eating (we were that hungry!) before we finally took off. But really, it only gave me one more good story to dine on for the entire two weeks. Every time I was entreated upon to tell it again for the next visitor, I got a lot of "oh dear, how awful" followed closely by a desire to give me a drink "after such an ordeal", even if it was days after the fact and I had totally gotten over the tiredness of the long wait. With each retelling, I was richly rewarded.

Last night, I opened up the computer to masses of emails. 199 to be exact. Deleted about 170 of them but of the rest which were not spam, I read all the lovely messages from you all.

I know, you just want the pictures now, don't you?

More will follow, but for now I need more sleep. And to vacuum the cat hair off of everywhere - I missed the darling, but oh how nice it was to be free of the hair!

Wedding the first


Wedding the second

and here we have the view of the reception hotel at Tylney Hall where the family (20 of us) stayed overnight with great pleasure!

the next morning, my cousin R and I.


  1. Welcome baaaacck! Goody, pictures and stories. Can't wait.

    Nice to see you there!

    Tylney Hall looks amazingly romantic. Yum!

  2. Ohhhhh welcome back, lovely pictures and even better stories... oh dear... have a drink lol they just love taking care of people don't they?

    I didn't want to flood your email inbox so refrained to send you anything. But thought of you often.

    And it's lovely to see you posting again :)

  3. Welcome back, the wedding looks lovely. Can't wait to see some more pictures etc. Sounds like a bit of an ordeal on the flight back. Hope you enjoy the holiday weekend.

    Next time you have a trip over we will definitely meet up. My lungs send apologies for ruining the plans this time :0


  4. Hey, welcome back, and it looks like you had a great time!

    So, er, uhm....which one in the picture is you ,and which is your cousin?

  5. Which one are you? You're both so lovely. And welcome back. You've been missed in the blogosphere.

  6. What truly beautiful wedding pics. It all looks so romantic & picture perfect.

  7. Welcome home! You were missed. The pictures are wonderful.

  8. Ah, it is so nice to know one was missed.

  9. Yay - I guessed right on which was you in the picture.


  10. Wonderful wedding photos, I could look at wedding pix for hours I kid you not!

  11. Sagittarian: interesting. I find wedding photos a little boring very quickly. But I'll oblige you some more later!

  12. Thanks, I just like the dresses, the grooms, the expressions on everyone's faces...too nosey by half y'see!


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